49th Head of the Charles Regatta
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6Senior-Master Eights Men -Age Average 50+Final4800Final010/19/201310:17 AM45Final Only Official  10/23/2013 10:35:59 PM10/23/2013 10:36:20 PM
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RiversideWeldCambridge BCFinish
1Finished1Palm Beach Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Alden zechaCoxswainPalm Beach Rowing Association
Steve NormanStrokePalm Beach Rowing Association
Frank Rowe7Palm Beach Rowing Association
John Jablonic6Palm Beach Rowing Association
Chris Ives5Palm Beach Rowing Association
Andreas Schotter4Palm Beach Rowing Association
Colin Redhead3Palm Beach Rowing Association
Adam Balogh2Palm Beach Rowing Association
Charles IppolitoBowPalm Beach Rowing Association
S. Norman50SM2 
15:31.9252.060.22 %3:32.8403:32.8404:59.8258:32.6654:21.31412:53.9792:37.94615:31.925
2Marin Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Adrian AndrewsCoxswainMarin Rowing Association
John KennelStrokeMarin Rowing Association
Mike Stralka7Marin Rowing Association
Julian Geluk6Marin Rowing Association
THOMAS PHELAN5Marin Rowing Association
Alan Collenette4Marin Rowing Association
Michael Breard3Marin Rowing Association
Jon Stroud2Marin Rowing Association
Raoul WertzBowMarin Rowing Association
J. Kennel50SM1 
15:29.874 0.00 %3:35.6083:35.6084:58.7278:34.3354:20.56212:54.8972:34.97715:29.874
3Team Attager (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Dick GrossmanCoxswainTeam Attager
Charlie HamlinStrokeTeam Attager
Chuck Pieper7Team Attager
Roger Borggaard6Team Attager
Jim Pierce5Team Attager
John Ewans4Team Attager
John Moore3Team Attager
Fred Schoch2Team Attager
Nik KurmakovBowTeam Attager
C. Hamlin60GM11 
16:36.5931:06.727.18 %4:01.6724:01.6725:16.2389:17.9104:33.85113:51.7612:44.83216:36.593
41980 Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Robert JaugstetterCoxswain1980 Rowing Club
Bruce IbbetsonStroke1980 Rowing Club
John Everett71980 Rowing Club
Paul Prioleau61980 Rowing Club
Michiel Bartman51980 Rowing Club
Jason Read41980 Rowing Club
Kurt Somerville31980 Rowing Club
Richard Cashin21980 Rowing Club
Sean ColganBow1980 Rowing Club
B. Ibbetson53SM7 
16:09.76739.904.29 %3:42.9043:42.9045:06.8138:49.7174:33.30813:23.0252:46.74216:09.767
5Penn A.c. Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Robert ColburnCoxswainPenn A.c. Rowing Association
Richard KennellyStrokePenn A.c. Rowing Association
George Henry7Penn A.c. Rowing Association
John Creighton6Penn A.c. Rowing Association
David LeFebvre5Penn A.c. Rowing Association
Raoul Rodriguez4Penn A.c. Rowing Association
Andrew McMarlin3Penn A.c. Rowing Association
Michael Fountain2Penn A.c. Rowing Association
Dave KrmpotichBowPenn A.c. Rowing Association
R. Kennelly50SM3 
15:56.34626.482.85 %3:38.4333:38.4335:02.2308:40.6634:33.41713:14.0802:42.26615:56.346
6Melbourne University Boat Club (AUS) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Tina LoweCoxswainMelbourne University Boat Club
Geoffrey ReesStrokeMelbourne University Boat Club
John Whiting7Melbourne University Boat Club
John McKeand6Melbourne University Boat Club
Derek Lowe5Melbourne University Boat Club
Greg Longden4Melbourne University Boat Club
Paul McSweeney3Melbourne University Boat Club
Mark Mussared2Melbourne University Boat Club
Jon ListerBowMelbourne University Boat Club
G. Rees60GM10 
16:30.6181:00.756.53 %3:46.9923:46.9925:16.4879:03.4794:40.20913:43.6882:46.93016:30.618
7New Haven Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Sharon LinCoxswainNew Haven Rowing Club
Gerald FrielStrokeNew Haven Rowing Club
Matthew Broder7New Haven Rowing Club
Andrew Jackson6New Haven Rowing Club
Kirk Knudsen5New Haven Rowing Club
Benjamin Atkins4New Haven Rowing Club
Stuart Lathers3New Haven Rowing Club
David Thomas2New Haven Rowing Club
Ian DuthieBowNew Haven Rowing Club
G. Friel51SM8 
16:25.62955.766.00 %3:46.2203:46.2205:13.7218:59.9414:38.36813:38.3092:47.32016:25.629
8Etas Unis Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Stew StokesCoxswainEtas Unis Rowing Club
Tom HullStrokeEtas Unis Rowing Club
Chip Lubsen7Etas Unis Rowing Club
Fred Borchelt6Etas Unis Rowing Club
Pat Hayes5Etas Unis Rowing Club
Steve Kiesling4Etas Unis Rowing Club
Chris Allsopp3Etas Unis Rowing Club
Tiff Wood2Etas Unis Rowing Club
Bill BeldenBowEtas Unis Rowing Club
T. Hull59SM9 
16:27.53557.676.20 %3:50.3213:50.3215:15.4599:05.7804:36.79513:42.5752:44.96016:27.535
9Motley Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Brack BakerCoxswainMotley Rowing Club
Jim MoroneyStrokeMotley Rowing Club
Dick Dreissigacker7Motley Rowing Club
Peter Dreissigacker6Motley Rowing Club
Larry Gluckman5Motley Rowing Club
Joe Townsend4Motley Rowing Club
Mike Verlin3Motley Rowing Club
John Hooten2Motley Rowing Club
Dick CurtisBowMotley Rowing Club
J. Moroney64GM24 
17:19.5261:49.6611.79 %4:05.1864:05.1865:33.3239:38.5094:47.79514:26.3042:53.22217:19.526
10San Diego Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
JoAnn ValleseCoxswainSan Diego Rowing Club
Andrew HewittStrokeSan Diego Rowing Club
Berkeley Johnson7San Diego Rowing Club
Brian Boxer-Wachler6San Diego Rowing Club
Christopher Feuge5San Diego Rowing Club
Milos Kapicka4San Diego Rowing Club
David frost3San Diego Rowing Club
Richard Yocum2San Diego Rowing Club
Graham BarnesBowSan Diego Rowing Club
A. Hewitt51SM4 
16:05.09035.223.79 %3:40.6443:40.6445:09.1998:49.8434:33.05813:22.9012:42.18916:05.090
11Community Rowing, Inc. (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Marjorie BellCoxswainCommunity Rowing, Inc.
Kevin DuttStrokeCommunity Rowing, Inc.
James Coyne7Community Rowing, Inc.
Dave C Snowdon6Community Rowing, Inc.
Steve Kovacs5Community Rowing, Inc.
Peter Beaman4Community Rowing, Inc.
Paul Flack3Community Rowing, Inc.
Nolan Watts2Community Rowing, Inc.
John OwensBowCommunity Rowing, Inc.
K. Dutt50SM5 
16:06.91937.053.98 %3:42.1713:42.1715:07.6378:49.8084:34.76913:24.5772:42.34216:06.919
12Bulldog Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Andy FisherCoxswainBulldog Rowing Club
David PotterStrokeBulldog Rowing Club
Jim Millar7Bulldog Rowing Club
Magruder Dent6Bulldog Rowing Club
Michael Ives5Bulldog Rowing Club
Kurt Jomo4Bulldog Rowing Club
Ted Jaroszewicz3Bulldog Rowing Club
Ed Burke2Bulldog Rowing Club
Edward ChandlerBowBulldog Rowing Club
D. Potter55SM200:05
17:02.2751:32.419.94 %3:57.0463:57.0465:24.8059:21.8514:44.46114:06.3122:50.96316:57.275
13Princeton 83 Boat Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Keanan ClarkCoxswainPrinceton 83 Boat Club
Paul HorvatStrokePrinceton 83 Boat Club
Charlie Andrews7Princeton 83 Boat Club
Wyc Grousbeck6Princeton 83 Boat Club
Charles Cobbs5Princeton 83 Boat Club
Mark Michalowski4Princeton 83 Boat Club
Bryan Bell3Princeton 83 Boat Club
Chip Magid2Princeton 83 Boat Club
Brian SullivanBowPrinceton 83 Boat Club
P. Horvat52SM16 
16:49.2091:19.348.53 %3:48.2483:48.2485:24.3509:12.5984:43.57913:56.1772:53.03216:49.209
14Hartford Barge Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Andrew FournierCoxswainHartford Barge Club
Eric RosowStrokeHartford Barge Club
Scott Pape7Hartford Barge Club
Fred Storey6Hartford Barge Club
Christopher Massing5Hartford Barge Club
Mike Puckly4Hartford Barge Club
Mike Keenan3Hartford Barge Club
John Volpe2Hartford Barge Club
Rodney BrownBowHartford Barge Club
E. Rosow50SM21 
17:14.1281:44.2611.21 %3:54.6783:54.6785:27.5879:22.2654:50.90914:13.1743:00.95417:14.128
15St. Catharines Rowing Club (CAN) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Kate DirksCoxswainSt. Catharines Rowing Club
Brian FisherStrokeSt. Catharines Rowing Club
Brian Colgan7St. Catharines Rowing Club
Bob Schenck6St. Catharines Rowing Club
Greg Smith5St. Catharines Rowing Club
Ed Hewitt4St. Catharines Rowing Club
Scott Anderson3St. Catharines Rowing Club
Fred Loucks2St. Catharines Rowing Club
Eric KrengelBowSt. Catharines Rowing Club
B. Fisher52SM18 
16:53.8021:23.939.03 %3:51.7273:51.7275:23.1069:14.8334:44.31113:59.1442:54.65816:53.802
16Fat Cat Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Joseph DoughertyCoxswainFat Cat Rowing Club
Robert Van CleveStrokeFat Cat Rowing Club
Tom Pounds7Fat Cat Rowing Club
David Huntington6Fat Cat Rowing Club
Christopher Gaylord5Fat Cat Rowing Club
Jeff Peterson4Fat Cat Rowing Club
Peter Thomas3Fat Cat Rowing Club
Ted Marks2Fat Cat Rowing Club
Steve MorssBowFat Cat Rowing Club
R. Van Cleve52SM13 
16:37.6991:07.837.29 %3:47.6863:47.6865:16.9629:04.6484:40.38913:45.0372:52.66216:37.699
17Upper Valley Rowing Foundation (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Derek CosentinoCoxswainUpper Valley Rowing Foundation
Mike StaffordStrokeUpper Valley Rowing Foundation
Daniel Haedrich7Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
bartlett harwood6Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
David Muller5Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
Tim Cox4Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
Peter Van Oot3Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
Colin Tindall2Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
Paul GrossBowUpper Valley Rowing Foundation
M. Stafford51SM14 
16:38.1071:08.247.34 %3:49.5593:49.5595:19.4399:08.9984:39.42513:48.4232:49.68416:38.107
18California Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Mark ZembschCoxswainCalifornia Rowing Club
Chris HuntingtonStrokeCalifornia Rowing Club
Dave Deruff7California Rowing Club
Ed Ives6California Rowing Club
Mark Berkner5California Rowing Club
Dan Louis4California Rowing Club
Brewer Stone3California Rowing Club
Henry Matthiessen2California Rowing Club
Paul CarsonBowCalifornia Rowing Club
C. Huntington52SM12 
16:37.6221:07.757.29 %3:48.5303:48.5305:17.0989:05.6284:42.58713:48.2152:49.40716:37.622
19Detroit Boat Club Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Hannah PeckCoxswainDetroit Boat Club Crew
Rick ReedStrokeDetroit Boat Club Crew
Raymond Jones Jr7Detroit Boat Club Crew
Nicholas Serafin6Detroit Boat Club Crew
Mike Wattai5Detroit Boat Club Crew
Danny Hagen4Detroit Boat Club Crew
Steven Ziemba3Detroit Boat Club Crew
Paul Burns2Detroit Boat Club Crew
Joseph ChlebnikBowDetroit Boat Club Crew
R. Reed56SM36 
18:20.1142:50.2418.31 %4:18.7554:18.7555:51.32710:10.0825:02.83915:12.9213:07.19318:20.114
20Pocock Rowing Center (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
John StillingsCoxswainPocock Rowing Center
Jon NoreliusStrokePocock Rowing Center
Mark Norelius7Pocock Rowing Center
Mike Hess6Pocock Rowing Center
Bill Pitlick5Pocock Rowing Center
Paul Enquist4Pocock Rowing Center
Paul Ramsey3Pocock Rowing Center
David Kroeger2Pocock Rowing Center
Craig SmithBowPocock Rowing Center
J. Norelius61GM27 
17:24.7141:54.8412.35 %4:05.3754:05.3755:30.9929:36.3674:52.19014:28.5572:56.15717:24.714
21Don Rowing Club (CAN) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jacquelyn WarrilowCoxswainDon Rowing Club
Larry MarshallStrokeDon Rowing Club
Andrew Julie7Don Rowing Club
Gerd Hauck6Don Rowing Club
Donald Steele5Don Rowing Club
Don Loucks4Don Rowing Club
Duncan Cameron3Don Rowing Club
Rick Collins2Don Rowing Club
Tibor KovacsBowDon Rowing Club
L. Marshall55SM32 
17:54.5962:24.7315.56 %4:05.7834:05.7835:39.6299:45.4125:03.86514:49.2773:05.31917:54.596
22Cambridge Boat Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Niki TweedCoxswainCambridge Boat Club
Terry DeWittStrokeCambridge Boat Club
Nigel Gallaher7Cambridge Boat Club
Nick copley6Cambridge Boat Club
Dave Hyde5Cambridge Boat Club
Bradley Lewis4Cambridge Boat Club
Sy Danberg3Cambridge Boat Club
Carlo Petruzziello2Cambridge Boat Club
James HintlianBowCambridge Boat Club
1 - T. DeWitt50SM29 
17:35.8822:06.0113.55 %4:03.7684:03.7685:33.0059:36.7734:57.03014:33.8033:02.07917:35.882
23Northeastern University Rowing Alumni (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Frank LeahyCoxswainNortheastern University Rowing Alumni
Victor PisinskiStrokeNortheastern University Rowing Alumni
Brian O'Connor7Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Ian Coveny6Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Larry O'Toole5Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Gerry Harrington4Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Peter Sundquist3Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Bill McGowan2Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Geoff MarshallBowNortheastern University Rowing Alumni
V. Pisinski57SM17 
16:53.1031:23.238.95 %3:55.5293:55.5295:21.2939:16.8224:46.28514:03.1072:49.99616:53.103
24Occoquan International (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Sarah TanzerCoxswainOccoquan International
Dick FindlayStrokeOccoquan International
Paul Knight7Occoquan International
Dick Lyon6Occoquan International
Paul Guest5Occoquan International
Erik Meyers4Occoquan International
Robert Brayton3Occoquan International
F. Wood Fischer2Occoquan International
Michael McGuirkBowOccoquan International
D. Findlay70V26 
17:22.5281:52.6612.12 %4:00.5164:00.5165:32.3319:32.8474:52.33514:25.1822:57.34617:22.528
25Brigantine Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Rory RobertsCoxswainBrigantine Rowing Club
Anthony StefanskiStrokeBrigantine Rowing Club
Ed Stinson7Brigantine Rowing Club
Phil Guenther6Brigantine Rowing Club
Bob White5Brigantine Rowing Club
Bill Baldwin4Brigantine Rowing Club
Bill Millar3Brigantine Rowing Club
Paul Savell2Brigantine Rowing Club
Edward RehillBowBrigantine Rowing Club
T. Stefanski55SM25 
17:20.3581:50.4911.88 %3:57.7553:57.7555:28.9239:26.6784:53.78414:20.4622:59.89617:20.358
26Warren Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Paul MendeCoxswainWarren Rowing Club
Sam BarringtonStrokeWarren Rowing Club
Michael Aloian7Warren Rowing Club
Wynn Calder6Warren Rowing Club
Jeff Myjak5Warren Rowing Club
Paul Milde4Warren Rowing Club
Bill Rubin3Warren Rowing Club
Marty Zuehlke2Warren Rowing Club
Edward DowBowWarren Rowing Club
S. Barrington53SM22 
17:15.1841:45.3111.33 %3:56.7083:56.7085:31.8609:28.5684:53.83314:22.4012:52.78317:15.184
27Rock Creek Rowing (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jade HughesCoxswainRock Creek Rowing
Peter ThomasStrokeRock Creek Rowing
Peter Thompson7Rock Creek Rowing
Jan Boyer6Rock Creek Rowing
Ted Keany5Rock Creek Rowing
Douglas Lavin4Rock Creek Rowing
Andrew Turner3Rock Creek Rowing
James Tilghman2Rock Creek Rowing
Ira HayesBowRock Creek Rowing
P. Thomas53SM35 
18:17.7872:47.9218.06 %4:10.4464:10.4465:46.9469:57.3925:08.71515:06.1073:11.68018:17.787
28Partez Rowing Club (JPN) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Akio KakishitaCoxswainPartez Rowing Club
Yuji TsubukuStrokePartez Rowing Club
Takashi Nohmura7Partez Rowing Club
Masayuki Kumagai6Partez Rowing Club
Susumu Matsune5Partez Rowing Club
Yozo Oe4Partez Rowing Club
Nobu Ishizuka3Partez Rowing Club
Koichi Tanaka2Partez Rowing Club
Mitsutoshi YamamotoBowPartez Rowing Club
Y. Tsubuku56SM37 
18:26.9442:57.0719.04 %4:13.6254:13.6255:48.16710:01.7925:09.46715:11.2593:15.68518:26.944
29Edmonton Rowing Club (CAN) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Alexandra MartinCoxswainEdmonton Rowing Club
Charles RannellsStrokeEdmonton Rowing Club
glenn rollans7Edmonton Rowing Club
Frans Slatter6Edmonton Rowing Club
Ramon McKall5Edmonton Rowing Club
Bill Sabey4Edmonton Rowing Club
Douglas Lynass3Edmonton Rowing Club
Rob Swart2Edmonton Rowing Club
Martyn CrowderBowEdmonton Rowing Club
C. Rannells60GM34 
18:05.6952:35.8316.76 %4:11.1554:11.1555:39.6589:50.8135:07.88914:58.7023:06.99318:05.695
30Wide Load Boat Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
christiana MeccaCoxswainWide Load Boat Club
Peter RobinsonStrokeWide Load Boat Club
Tom McClarence7Wide Load Boat Club
John McIver6Wide Load Boat Club
John Hallin5Wide Load Boat Club
Brett Haworth4Wide Load Boat Club
Grant Greely3Wide Load Boat Club
Jeff Rockwell2Wide Load Boat Club
Mark MyetteBowWide Load Boat Club
P. Robinson52SM39 
18:42.9513:13.0820.76 %4:15.8984:15.8985:53.18110:09.0795:18.32215:27.4013:15.55018:42.951
31Alte Achter Boat Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Paul HoffmanCoxswainAlte Achter Boat Club
Monk TerryStrokeAlte Achter Boat Club
Gene Clapp7Alte Achter Boat Club
Steve Brooks6Alte Achter Boat Club
Steve Row5Alte Achter Boat Club
Bill Hobbs4Alte Achter Boat Club
Ron Shaw3Alte Achter Boat Club
Mike Livingston2Alte Achter Boat Club
Cleve LivingstonBowAlte Achter Boat Club
M. Terry64GM44 
19:36.2664:06.4026.50 %4:30.3864:30.3866:02.03510:32.4215:36.85816:09.2793:26.98719:36.266
32King's Crown Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Madeleine DesmondCoxswainKing's Crown Rowing Association
Alfred MedioliStrokeKing's Crown Rowing Association
Tom Altier7King's Crown Rowing Association
Paul Demartini6King's Crown Rowing Association
Walter Brown5King's Crown Rowing Association
John Hughes4King's Crown Rowing Association
Jack Probolus3King's Crown Rowing Association
John Mulligan2King's Crown Rowing Association
Paul GruberBowKing's Crown Rowing Association
A. Medioli63GM42 
19:10.5593:40.6923.73 %4:24.5744:24.5746:00.89210:25.4665:23.46215:48.9283:21.63119:10.559
33Cambridge Boat Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
vicky ZeamerCoxswainCambridge Boat Club
Joseph shamirStrokeCambridge Boat Club
Mohammed Jafri7Cambridge Boat Club
Oleg Simanovsky6Cambridge Boat Club
Michael Hyde5Cambridge Boat Club
Pat Lester4Cambridge Boat Club
Alan Aikens3Cambridge Boat Club
John Born2Cambridge Boat Club
Stephen TimpanyBowCambridge Boat Club
2 - J. shamir58SM38 
18:37.7693:07.9020.21 %4:19.2084:19.2085:55.01610:14.2245:11.95515:26.1793:11.59018:37.769
34Carnegie Lake Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Dan ThompsonCoxswainCarnegie Lake Rowing Association
Evan CadoffStrokeCarnegie Lake Rowing Association
Michael Jones7Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
Peter Lynch6Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
Stephen Heinzel-Nelson5Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
Mike Vujosevic4Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
John Castonguay3Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
Rick Herwig2Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
Joe OliverBowCarnegie Lake Rowing Association
E. Cadoff54SM31 
17:49.4842:19.6115.01 %4:02.9554:02.9555:39.1529:42.1075:02.05514:44.1623:05.32217:49.484
35Purple Bull Roklub (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Emily DrakeCoxswainPurple Bull Roklub
Tom Rizzo, JrStrokePurple Bull Roklub
George Baumgarten7Purple Bull Roklub
Cabby Tennis6Purple Bull Roklub
Scott Tripler5Purple Bull Roklub
Peter Kelly-Detwiler4Purple Bull Roklub
Greg Narver3Purple Bull Roklub
Thomas Knowlton2Purple Bull Roklub
Scott SchweighauserBowPurple Bull Roklub
T. Rizzo, Jr53SM28 
17:32.6762:02.8113.21 %4:06.7024:06.7025:30.3619:37.0634:53.99814:31.0613:01.61517:32.676
36Umass Amherst Crew Alumni (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Dave CrokeCoxswainUmass Amherst Crew Alumni
Joe FloydStrokeUmass Amherst Crew Alumni
Joe O'Neil7Umass Amherst Crew Alumni
Fran McDonald6Umass Amherst Crew Alumni
Rick Doherty5Umass Amherst Crew Alumni
Larry Floyd4Umass Amherst Crew Alumni
Ed Fitzgerald3Umass Amherst Crew Alumni
Steve Arthur2Umass Amherst Crew Alumni
Greg WhiteBowUmass Amherst Crew Alumni
J. Floyd51SM41 
18:54.3873:24.5221.99 %4:21.1404:21.1405:55.56510:16.7055:21.65615:38.3613:16.02618:54.387
37Alexandria Community Rowing (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jayna SheaCoxswainAlexandria Community Rowing
Franz BauerleinStrokeAlexandria Community Rowing
Thomas Fannon7Alexandria Community Rowing
Dave Robinson6Alexandria Community Rowing
James Caple5Alexandria Community Rowing
Thomas Daley4Alexandria Community Rowing
Marek Blaszkiewicz3Alexandria Community Rowing
Gregory Teisan2Alexandria Community Rowing
Bill YeingstBowAlexandria Community Rowing
F. Bauerlein50SM30 
17:42.8862:13.0214.31 %4:04.7664:04.7665:38.3579:43.1235:02.43314:45.5562:57.33017:42.886
38Northern Virginia Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Chris BanhCoxswainNorthern Virginia Rowing Club
Michael AndersonStrokeNorthern Virginia Rowing Club
Evan Hudspeth7Northern Virginia Rowing Club
Andrei Busuioceanu6Northern Virginia Rowing Club
Keith Waddell5Northern Virginia Rowing Club
Robert Collier4Northern Virginia Rowing Club
David Dunning3Northern Virginia Rowing Club
Robert Haines2Northern Virginia Rowing Club
Paul SiebachBowNorthern Virginia Rowing Club
M. Anderson50SM19 
17:00.5411:30.679.75 %3:58.6653:58.6655:25.8809:24.5454:42.27414:06.8192:53.72217:00.541
39Leander Boat Club (CAN) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Matt NoelCoxswainLeander Boat Club
Sasa IlicStrokeLeander Boat Club
Mel LaForme7Leander Boat Club
Patrick Croskerry6Leander Boat Club
George Gage5Leander Boat Club
Mark Korczynski4Leander Boat Club
Paul Mudroch3Leander Boat Club
Douglas Turton2Leander Boat Club
Robert CherwinskiBowLeander Boat Club
S. Ilic58SM23 
17:16.6891:46.8211.49 %4:03.9174:03.9175:26.2209:30.1374:51.37714:21.5142:55.17517:16.689
40Friends Of Andover Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Brigid MorrisseyCoxswainFriends Of Andover Crew
David LippoldStrokeFriends Of Andover Crew
Vincent Broderick7Friends Of Andover Crew
Gary Ahrens6Friends Of Andover Crew
Peter Ventre5Friends Of Andover Crew
Carl Taeusch4Friends Of Andover Crew
Tom Boyle3Friends Of Andover Crew
Adam Rosenthal2Friends Of Andover Crew
John PawlowskiBowFriends Of Andover Crew
D. Lippold59SM40 
18:43.6163:13.7520.84 %4:18.9774:18.9775:51.75610:10.7335:18.79615:29.5293:14.08718:43.616
41London Rowing Club (GBR) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Julia McGheeCoxswainLondon Rowing Club
Simon HarrisStrokeLondon Rowing Club
Bill Baker7London Rowing Club
J.P. Van Tiel6London Rowing Club
Sean Collins5London Rowing Club
David Riches4London Rowing Club
Peter Halford3London Rowing Club
Matt Keller2London Rowing Club
Stewart HarriesBowLondon Rowing Club
S. Harris50SM6 
16:09.72339.854.29 %3:39.0453:39.0455:10.2108:49.2554:34.99113:24.2462:45.47716:09.723
42Nonesuch Oar & Paddle Club - Idaho (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Fred YalourisCoxswainNonesuch Oar & Paddle Club - Idaho
Peter HuntsmanStrokeNonesuch Oar & Paddle Club - Idaho
Dick Moore7Nonesuch Oar & Paddle Club - Idaho
Chuck Hewitt6Nonesuch Oar & Paddle Club - Idaho
Jim Richardson5Nonesuch Oar & Paddle Club - Idaho
Tony Brooks4Nonesuch Oar & Paddle Club - Idaho
Rodney Petersen3Nonesuch Oar & Paddle Club - Idaho
Andy Narva2Nonesuch Oar & Paddle Club - Idaho
Howard BurnettBowNonesuch Oar & Paddle Club - Idaho
P. Huntsman63GM45 
20:11.6784:41.8130.31 %4:37.1714:37.1716:27.19511:04.3665:37.08616:41.4523:30.22620:11.678
43Onota Lake Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Eric SoskinCoxswainOnota Lake Rowing Association
Kevin FoleyStrokeOnota Lake Rowing Association
Jeff Kip7Onota Lake Rowing Association
Alexander Thomson6Onota Lake Rowing Association
William Kostoff5Onota Lake Rowing Association
Richard Griffin4Onota Lake Rowing Association
Matthew Coates3Onota Lake Rowing Association
Jon Snyder2Onota Lake Rowing Association
John McIntyreBowOnota Lake Rowing Association
K. Foley51SM431:00
19:24.8113:54.9425.27 %4:19.9084:19.9085:47.74810:07.6565:08.03315:15.6893:09.12218:24.811
44Société Nautique D'avignon (FRA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Nadine SasselliCoxswainSociété Nautique D'avignon
Jean-Paul VergnesStrokeSociété Nautique D'avignon
Nicolas Lourdaux7Société Nautique D'avignon
Frederic Andre6Société Nautique D'avignon
Philippe Brimaldi5Société Nautique D'avignon
Christian Baud4Société Nautique D'avignon
Frederic Ducros3Société Nautique D'avignon
Jean-Pierre Mathieu2Société Nautique D'avignon
Patrick YouenouBowSociété Nautique D'avignon
J. Vergnes52SM15 
16:43.3121:13.447.90 %3:52.2573:52.2575:19.1539:11.4104:44.82113:56.2312:47.08116:43.312
45Corvallis Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jann ByrdCoxswainCorvallis Rowing Club
Robert PooleStrokeCorvallis Rowing Club
Steve Rogers7Corvallis Rowing Club
Tom Taylor6Corvallis Rowing Club
Walter Manning5Corvallis Rowing Club
Philip Mote4Corvallis Rowing Club
Tim Grubert3Corvallis Rowing Club
Jack Elder2Corvallis Rowing Club
Kerry AhearnBowCorvallis Rowing Club
R. Poole60GM331:00
18:04.0112:34.1416.58 %3:59.6863:59.6865:25.1149:24.8004:46.48814:11.2882:52.72317:04.011