49th Head of the Charles Regatta
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50Collegiate Eights MenFinal4800Final010/20/20133:41 PM41Final Only Official  10/23/2013 11:31:03 PM10/23/2013 11:31:06 PM
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RiversideWeldCambridge BCFinish
1Finished14Drexel University (USA)M. Sum Crew
Athlete's Club 
Marc SmithCoxswainDrexel University
Mikulas SumStrokeDrexel University
Ivo Krakic7Drexel University
Sebastian Ryan6Drexel University
Nick Capaldi5Drexel University
Ian Luetzow4Drexel University
John Pieper3Drexel University
Dan Palombo2Drexel University
Dave HanrahanBowDrexel University
15:22.279 0.00 %3:32.5583:32.5584:59.4218:31.9794:19.09612:51.0752:31.20415:22.279
22Michigan Rowing Association (USA)M. Herbers Crew
Athlete's Club 
Rita MaizyCoxswainMichigan Rowing Association
Matthew HerbersStrokeMichigan Rowing Association
Nicholas Sferrazza7Michigan Rowing Association
Alex Crawford6Michigan Rowing Association
Alika Ziker5Michigan Rowing Association
Wes Vear4Michigan Rowing Association
Louis Schaljo3Michigan Rowing Association
Mitchell Tyson2Michigan Rowing Association
Benjamin MontagueBowMichigan Rowing Association
15:24.2521.970.21 %3:35.8503:35.8504:57.5108:33.3604:19.90612:53.2662:30.98615:24.252
31University Of Virginia Rowing Association (USA)G. Wells Crew
Athlete's Club 
Sarah ZilliouxCoxswainUniversity Of Virginia Rowing Association
Gage WellsStrokeUniversity Of Virginia Rowing Association
Garrett Thomas7University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Ty Saitta6University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Perry Cox5University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Dylan Staples4University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Scott Helgeson3University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Edwin Nieves2University Of Virginia Rowing Association
Forrest BrownBowUniversity Of Virginia Rowing Association
15:25.8043.520.38 %3:38.3623:38.3624:59.0538:37.4154:18.95312:56.3682:29.43615:25.804
45Williams College Boat Club (USA)1 - E. Quay Crew
Athlete's Club 
Maggie HughesCoxswainWilliams College Boat Club
Erick QuayStrokeWilliams College Boat Club
Connor McLane7Williams College Boat Club
Peter Awad6Williams College Boat Club
Logan Jester5Williams College Boat Club
Andrew Rondeau4Williams College Boat Club
Nicholas Evert3Williams College Boat Club
Russell Taylor2Williams College Boat Club
Graham BuchanBowWilliams College Boat Club
15:28.7916.510.71 %3:36.8063:36.8064:59.2998:36.1054:21.64612:57.7512:31.04015:28.791
58Wesleyan University (USA)M. Queenan Crew
Athlete's Club 
Andrea KleemanCoxswainWesleyan University
Michael QueenanStrokeWesleyan University
Ben Record7Wesleyan University
noah solomon6Wesleyan University
Christopher Nanda5Wesleyan University
Peter Martin4Wesleyan University
Nicholas Petrillo3Wesleyan University
Samuel Factor2Wesleyan University
Ethan CurrieBowWesleyan University
15:42.27419.992.17 %3:40.8733:40.8735:01.1408:42.0134:23.52013:05.5332:36.74115:42.274
66Bucknell University (USA)J. McCarron Crew
Athlete's Club 
Laura EvenCoxswainBucknell University
Jackson McCarronStrokeBucknell University
Alexander Moore7Bucknell University
Matt Sisto6Bucknell University
Chris Seery5Bucknell University
Connor Corwen4Bucknell University
Doug Burney3Bucknell University
West Shepherd2Bucknell University
William TylerBowBucknell University
15:43.98621.712.35 %3:39.9863:39.9865:02.2948:42.2804:24.20113:06.4812:37.50515:43.986
79Hobart & William Smith Colleges (USA)A. Wherry Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jessica DinanCoxswainHobart & William Smith Colleges
August WherryStrokeHobart & William Smith Colleges
Robert McNamara7Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Nicholas Baca6Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Brett Lawhon5Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Julien Green4Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Patrick Ware3Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Davis Muller2Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Dylan BrodieBowHobart & William Smith Colleges
15:44.11521.842.37 %3:37.2623:37.2625:05.0708:42.3324:24.98013:07.3122:36.80315:44.115
818University Of California, Santa Barbara (USA)R. Keller Crew
Athlete's Club 
Coral KasdenCoxswainUniversity Of California, Santa Barbara
Ryan KellerStrokeUniversity Of California, Santa Barbara
Andrew Verdegaal7University Of California, Santa Barbara
Ryan Dias6University Of California, Santa Barbara
Evan West5University Of California, Santa Barbara
Steven Watts4University Of California, Santa Barbara
Sean Linley3University Of California, Santa Barbara
Alexander Simes2University Of California, Santa Barbara
Dillon KrasnigorBowUniversity Of California, Santa Barbara
15:53.80031.523.42 %3:45.4153:45.4155:05.3608:50.7754:28.44013:19.2152:34.58515:53.800
93Grand Valley State University Rowing Club (USA)S. West Crew
Athlete's Club 
Kyle BarnhartCoxswainGrand Valley State University Rowing Club
Spencer WestStrokeGrand Valley State University Rowing Club
Robert DeWeerd7Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Austin Burris6Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Costas Ciungan5Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Nicholas Maodush-Pitzer4Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Ed Avena3Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Adam Wlodkowski2Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
Justin EbertBowGrand Valley State University Rowing Club
15:56.60834.333.72 %3:42.8813:42.8815:09.5578:52.4384:28.82013:21.2582:35.35015:56.608
1019Wpi Crew (USA)J. Morrissey Crew
Athlete's Club 
Tyler CollinsCoxswainWpi Crew
John MorrisseyStrokeWpi Crew
Nick Cebry7Wpi Crew
Kendall Cotton6Wpi Crew
Alex Barat5Wpi Crew
Gary jackson4Wpi Crew
Matt Foley3Wpi Crew
Jackson Krupnick2Wpi Crew
Matt DeptulaBowWpi Crew
15:58.57736.303.94 %3:46.0913:46.0915:05.5098:51.6004:29.70913:21.3092:37.26815:58.577
1120University of Delaware Men's Crew (USA)R. Schilgen Jr Crew
Athlete's Club 
Julia StrausCoxswainUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew
Rexford Schilgen JrStrokeUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew
Aidan Gause7University of Delaware Men's Crew
Clayton Carr6University of Delaware Men's Crew
Sean McBride5University of Delaware Men's Crew
Tim Abel4University of Delaware Men's Crew
Ivan Ivanov3University of Delaware Men's Crew
Emerson Paradee2University of Delaware Men's Crew
Christopher PrustBowUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew
16:02.04039.764.31 %3:41.9153:41.9155:07.7398:49.6544:33.51913:23.1732:38.86716:02.040
1216Marist College Crew (USA)H. Drouin-Reed Crew
Athlete's Club 
Chris LeonardCoxswainMarist College Crew
Harrison Drouin-ReedStrokeMarist College Crew
Jacob Enright7Marist College Crew
Christopher Behnke6Marist College Crew
Kevin Coomey5Marist College Crew
Curtis Mahan4Marist College Crew
Matt Klos3Marist College Crew
Daniel Nesfeder2Marist College Crew
Brendan McLaughlinBowMarist College Crew
16:02.96640.694.41 %3:46.8253:46.8255:04.7848:51.6094:32.16713:23.7762:39.19016:02.966
1314Ithaca College Crew (USA)M. Kurz Crew
Athlete's Club 
Darvin PerezCoxswainIthaca College Crew
Matthew KurzStrokeIthaca College Crew
Chris Noble7Ithaca College Crew
Paul casey6Ithaca College Crew
Andrew Voorhees5Ithaca College Crew
Tyler Edwards4Ithaca College Crew
Erik Frid3Ithaca College Crew
Ethan Freedman2Ithaca College Crew
Keith MacDonaldBowIthaca College Crew
16:02.97440.694.41 %3:55.5423:55.5425:04.3998:59.9414:27.26813:27.2092:35.76516:02.974
1417Bates College (USA)1 - W. Mathison Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jacob SandorCoxswainBates College
Welles MathisonStrokeBates College
Sam MacGregor7Bates College
Hendrik Schless6Bates College
Cody Jenkins5Bates College
Nicholas Muccio4Bates College
Erik Divan3Bates College
William Lehrer2Bates College
Caleb GlassmanBowBates College
16:07.10544.834.86 %3:52.0973:52.0975:08.2109:00.3074:30.29813:30.6052:36.50016:07.105
1513Williams College Boat Club (USA)2 - M. Luciani Crew
Athlete's Club 
William MarshCoxswainWilliams College Boat Club
Michael LucianiStrokeWilliams College Boat Club
Isaiah Clark7Williams College Boat Club
Julian Fernandez6Williams College Boat Club
Alex Ellison5Williams College Boat Club
Alex Meyer4Williams College Boat Club
Parker Finch3Williams College Boat Club
Peter Ellis2Williams College Boat Club
Alex NandaBowWilliams College Boat Club
16:12.70650.435.47 %3:55.2943:55.2945:09.6949:04.9884:30.43013:35.4182:37.28816:12.706
1623University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club (USA)S. Hocking Crew
Athlete's Club 
Kendra ReiserCoxswainUniversity Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Samuel HockingStrokeUniversity Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Niall Cochrane7University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Matt Rhodes6University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Conor Levey5University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Jack Gillen4University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Anthony Krenselewski3University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
John Carroll2University Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
Alec MacDonellBowUniversity Of Notre Dame Mens Crew Club
16:12.94250.665.49 %3:48.4113:48.4115:09.0308:57.4414:35.70713:33.1482:39.79416:12.942
1732Orange Coast College (USA)C. Griffitts Crew
Athlete's Club 
Helena CosentiniCoxswainOrange Coast College
Collin GriffittsStrokeOrange Coast College
Dylan Raphael7Orange Coast College
Kelly Murray6Orange Coast College
Anton Hedayat5Orange Coast College
Cody Raphael4Orange Coast College
Jourdan Richman3Orange Coast College
Chris Dominic2Orange Coast College
Dylan JacobBowOrange Coast College
16:14.29952.025.64 %3:52.5433:52.5435:14.6099:07.1524:33.70813:40.8602:33.43916:14.299
1810Boston College (USA)1 - B. Oleniczak Crew
Athlete's Club 
Tracy NunziatiCoxswainBoston College
Benjamin OleniczakStrokeBoston College
Eric Rauckhorst7Boston College
Chris Peng6Boston College
Kevin Bielawski5Boston College
Christopher Senft4Boston College
Brian Larsen3Boston College
Fred Gonfiantini2Boston College
Sean FanningBowBoston College
16:15.95253.675.82 %3:51.3423:51.3425:13.2969:04.6384:31.43713:36.0752:39.87716:15.952
197McGill University Rowing Club (CAN)S. de Gelder Crew
Athlete's Club 
Philippe BouchardCoxswainMcGill University Rowing Club
Spencer Lucas de GelderStrokeMcGill University Rowing Club
Tom Portsmouth7McGill University Rowing Club
Brent Hopkins6McGill University Rowing Club
Mark York5McGill University Rowing Club
Ford Donovan4McGill University Rowing Club
Nathan Yang3McGill University Rowing Club
Christopher Law2McGill University Rowing Club
Robert LanielBowMcGill University Rowing Club
16:17.39455.115.98 %3:43.7163:43.7165:08.5418:52.2574:38.19113:30.4482:46.94616:17.394
2015University Of Minnesota Men's Crew (USA)G. Kubis Crew
Athlete's Club 
Brianna PischkeCoxswainUniversity Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Garrison KubisStrokeUniversity Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Jacob Smith7University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Jake Hergert6University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Henry Zupke5University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Luke Yehlen4University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Christopher Shirley3University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
John Karlen2University Of Minnesota Men's Crew
Andrew SattlerBowUniversity Of Minnesota Men's Crew
16:24.6201:02.346.76 %3:54.1883:54.1885:10.3599:04.5474:36.42113:40.9682:43.65216:24.620
2127University Of Vermont Crew (USA)G. Wachtel Crew
Athlete's Club 
Alexandra PasinCoxswainUniversity Of Vermont Crew
Gregory WachtelStrokeUniversity Of Vermont Crew
Samuel Abbott7University Of Vermont Crew
John Fernan6University Of Vermont Crew
Harry Voelkel5University Of Vermont Crew
William White4University Of Vermont Crew
Andrew Parent3University Of Vermont Crew
Tucker Kinne2University Of Vermont Crew
Harout KhodaverdianBowUniversity Of Vermont Crew
16:29.2271:06.957.26 %3:56.1923:56.1925:19.2429:15.4344:38.85713:54.2912:34.93616:29.227
2212Middlebury College Crew (USA)H. Bell Crew
Athlete's Club 
Caroline MoynihanCoxswainMiddlebury College Crew
Henry BellStrokeMiddlebury College Crew
Nathan Lado7Middlebury College Crew
Axel Hagman6Middlebury College Crew
Thomas Phifer5Middlebury College Crew
Brandt Silver-Korn4Middlebury College Crew
Connor Gomez3Middlebury College Crew
Tyler Callese2Middlebury College Crew
James SpencerBowMiddlebury College Crew
16:34.0861:11.817.79 %3:57.9393:57.9395:17.1039:15.0424:39.11813:54.1602:39.92616:34.086
2330Washington College Crew (USA)Z. Ali Crew
Athlete's Club 
John GouldCoxswainWashington College Crew
Zee Shawn AliStrokeWashington College Crew
Conor Howlett7Washington College Crew
Sean Haynie6Washington College Crew
Ryan Miranda5Washington College Crew
Mark Boissonneault4Washington College Crew
John Christ3Washington College Crew
Anthony Cairo2Washington College Crew
Thomas PringBowWashington College Crew
16:34.3091:12.037.81 %3:56.7783:56.7785:20.5879:17.3654:37.48913:54.8542:39.45516:34.309
2428College Of The Holy Cross (USA)C. Norton Crew
Athlete's Club 
John KearneyCoxswainCollege Of The Holy Cross
Casey NortonStrokeCollege Of The Holy Cross
Kyle Larkin7College Of The Holy Cross
John Burke6College Of The Holy Cross
Christian Kerrigan5College Of The Holy Cross
Daniel Mitchell4College Of The Holy Cross
Brian Sullivan3College Of The Holy Cross
Michael Lindsay2College Of The Holy Cross
Tiarnan DohertyBowCollege Of The Holy Cross
16:34.6591:12.387.85 %3:48.9973:48.9975:18.8859:07.8824:44.15913:52.0412:42.61816:34.659
2522Villanova - Wildcat Rowing Association (USA)D. Sidorenko Crew
Athlete's Club 
Mairin O'BrienCoxswainVillanova - Wildcat Rowing Association
Danny SidorenkoStrokeVillanova - Wildcat Rowing Association
Matthew Valazza7Villanova - Wildcat Rowing Association
Spencer Chipman6Villanova - Wildcat Rowing Association
Johnathon Holden5Villanova - Wildcat Rowing Association
Keegan McCoy4Villanova - Wildcat Rowing Association
John Guido3Villanova - Wildcat Rowing Association
Austin Neri2Villanova - Wildcat Rowing Association
Christian VergilioBowVillanova - Wildcat Rowing Association
16:38.5081:16.238.27 %3:59.6723:59.6725:18.8589:18.5304:40.41813:58.9482:39.56016:38.508
2640Boston College (USA)2 - J. Corbett Crew
Athlete's Club 
Mackenzie SavelCoxswainBoston College
John CorbettStrokeBoston College
Chris Samul7Boston College
Matthew Beckwith6Boston College
Cayce Jones5Boston College
Nick Dunn4Boston College
Andrew Francl3Boston College
Tom McShane2Boston College
Evan GattiBowBoston College
16:39.5761:17.308.38 %4:03.2564:03.2565:17.6419:20.8974:41.20514:02.1022:37.47416:39.576
2726University Of New Hampshire (USA)S. Pampreen Crew
Athlete's Club 
Kelsey SwalwellCoxswainUniversity Of New Hampshire
Steven PampreenStrokeUniversity Of New Hampshire
Benjamin Cayes7University Of New Hampshire
Matthew Sullivan6University Of New Hampshire
Nathaniel Brown5University Of New Hampshire
William Amar4University Of New Hampshire
Dylan Hegarty3University Of New Hampshire
Ian Stelzner2University Of New Hampshire
Haig CavistonBowUniversity Of New Hampshire
16:43.4551:21.188.80 %4:02.9344:02.9345:20.4739:23.4074:39.81914:03.2262:40.22916:43.455
2833Williams College Boat Club (USA)3 - P. Oung Crew
Athlete's Club 
Ellen FinchCoxswainWilliams College Boat Club
Phillip OungStrokeWilliams College Boat Club
Aaron Finder7Williams College Boat Club
Jonas Luebbers6Williams College Boat Club
Nicholas Gardner5Williams College Boat Club
Charlie Sheils4Williams College Boat Club
Jacob Ruttenberg3Williams College Boat Club
Noah Krawitz2Williams College Boat Club
William BrownBowWilliams College Boat Club
16:51.2201:28.949.64 %4:01.4784:01.4785:25.9619:27.4394:45.46714:12.9062:38.31416:51.220
2935UNC Men's Crew (USA)S. Theunissen Crew
Athlete's Club 
Ruhi RahmanCoxswainUNC Men's Crew
Sebastien TheunissenStrokeUNC Men's Crew
Patrick Short7UNC Men's Crew
Ryan Searcy6UNC Men's Crew
Benjamin Saunders5UNC Men's Crew
Daniel Mattox4UNC Men's Crew
Hunter Ripberger3UNC Men's Crew
Coenraad Westbroek2UNC Men's Crew
Brice JenkinsBowUNC Men's Crew
16:52.1141:29.839.74 %3:58.0643:58.0645:21.9389:20.0024:47.86414:07.8662:44.24816:52.114
3034Duke University Mens Crew (USA)P. Poliakoff Crew
Athlete's Club 
CAROLINE AYANIANCoxswainDuke University Mens Crew
Parker PoliakoffStrokeDuke University Mens Crew
James Schwartz7Duke University Mens Crew
Andrew Gauthier6Duke University Mens Crew
Andrew Welcome5Duke University Mens Crew
Michael Lee4Duke University Mens Crew
Ramsey Sabbagh3Duke University Mens Crew
Dharanish Gollamudi2Duke University Mens Crew
Jeremy ZhangBowDuke University Mens Crew
16:54.9321:32.6510.05 %4:02.0224:02.0225:24.5669:26.5884:46.40414:12.9922:41.94016:54.932
3111Trinity College Crew (USA)G. Demoulas Crew
Athlete's Club 
Carolina GaldizCoxswainTrinity College Crew
George DemoulasStrokeTrinity College Crew
Christian Naylor7Trinity College Crew
Robert Black6Trinity College Crew
Elias Riskin5Trinity College Crew
Andrew Peck4Trinity College Crew
Theodore Plass3Trinity College Crew
Dunstan Scully2Trinity College Crew
Frederic BourkeBowTrinity College Crew
16:55.7901:33.5110.14 %3:44.5373:44.5375:05.4808:50.0174:27.84113:17.8582:37.93215:55.790
3237Wheaton College Crew (USA)M. Morken Crew
Athlete's Club 
Emma YoungCoxswainWheaton College Crew
Michael MorkenStrokeWheaton College Crew
Thomas Philbrick7Wheaton College Crew
Austin Malde-Zoradi6Wheaton College Crew
Carl Kay5Wheaton College Crew
Josh Clark4Wheaton College Crew
Joshua Green3Wheaton College Crew
Sam Wetlesen2Wheaton College Crew
Kevin MannBowWheaton College Crew
17:02.5371:40.2610.87 %4:00.0464:00.0465:33.4369:33.4824:48.29614:21.7782:40.75917:02.537
3339Bates College (USA)2 - A. Rintell Crew
Athlete's Club 
Connor CahillCoxswainBates College
Adam RintellStrokeBates College
Willem Taverna7Bates College
Warwick Mortimer6Bates College
Daniel Boyle5Bates College
Samuel Maher4Bates College
Leo Foglizzo3Bates College
William Nelson2Bates College
Tomas JurgensenBowBates College
17:07.2241:44.9411.38 %4:03.5564:03.5565:26.2399:29.7954:49.61314:19.4082:47.81617:07.224
3421Colby College Crew (USA)R. Newell Crew
Athlete's Club 
Sylvia XuCoxswainColby College Crew
Ryan NewellStrokeColby College Crew
Tim Dutton7Colby College Crew
Ian Tibbetts6Colby College Crew
Charlie Leeds5Colby College Crew
Cole Stevens4Colby College Crew
Drew Kelly3Colby College Crew
Clint Ross2Colby College Crew
Daniel MeyerBowColby College Crew
17:14.4371:52.1612.16 %4:00.4964:00.4965:33.5659:34.0614:55.21414:29.2752:45.16217:14.437
3536Washington University Crew (USA)B. Rosenbaum Crew
Athlete's Club 
Katherine ShermoenCoxswainWashington University Crew
Ben RosenbaumStrokeWashington University Crew
Kjartan Brownell7Washington University Crew
Will Wilder6Washington University Crew
Gabriel Leiter5Washington University Crew
Ken Tharp4Washington University Crew
Daniel Corin3Washington University Crew
Desmond Duggan2Washington University Crew
Karthik KrishnanBowWashington University Crew
17:15.3571:53.0812.26 %4:01.7674:01.7675:33.0939:34.8604:56.38214:31.2422:44.11517:15.357
3638Downing College Boat Club, Cambridge (GBR)  Crew
Athlete's Club 
No data to display
17:25.3772:03.1013.35 %4:06.5934:06.5935:38.6729:45.2654:49.37314:34.6382:50.73917:25.377
3741Binghamton University Crew (USA)J. Jeong Crew
Athlete's Club 
Aidan SchererCoxswainBinghamton University Crew
Jun JeongStrokeBinghamton University Crew
Dylan Hartwick7Binghamton University Crew
Jason Moss6Binghamton University Crew
Rainier Printemps5Binghamton University Crew
Ian Thane4Binghamton University Crew
Brandon Murray3Binghamton University Crew
Ryan McKay2Binghamton University Crew
Collin MiloneBowBinghamton University Crew
17:30.4692:08.1913.90 %4:06.6564:06.6565:35.1319:41.7874:59.47914:41.2662:49.20317:30.469
3824University Of Connecticut (USA)T. Sheil Crew
Athlete's Club 
Allyson GagneCoxswainUniversity Of Connecticut
Tyler SheilStrokeUniversity Of Connecticut
Ryan Schafer7University Of Connecticut
Jared Farley6University Of Connecticut
Phillip Hnatowicz5University Of Connecticut
David Cabral4University Of Connecticut
Nathan Nye3University Of Connecticut
Leon Peschel2University Of Connecticut
Hamza AslamBowUniversity Of Connecticut
17:58.2302:35.9516.91 %4:13.5944:13.5945:42.2489:55.8425:07.36315:03.2052:55.02517:58.230
3931St. John's College, Oxford University (GBR)A. Kashani Crew
Athlete's Club 
Sean CannonCoxswainSt. John's College, Oxford University
Adam KashaniStrokeSt. John's College, Oxford University
Edward Higson7St. John's College, Oxford University
Joseph Larvin6St. John's College, Oxford University
John Harfield5St. John's College, Oxford University
John Gallacher4St. John's College, Oxford University
Peter Fifield3St. John's College, Oxford University
Leroy Lim2St. John's College, Oxford University
Aiden CooperBowSt. John's College, Oxford University
18:03.3592:41.0817.47 %4:21.2274:21.2275:47.23510:08.4625:03.46615:11.9282:51.43118:03.359
4025University Of Rhode Island Crew (USA)R. Wichelns Crew
Athlete's Club 
Alexandra LampsonCoxswainUniversity Of Rhode Island Crew
Ryan WichelnsStrokeUniversity Of Rhode Island Crew
Brendan Keane7University Of Rhode Island Crew
Steven O'Brien6University Of Rhode Island Crew
Brian Cody5University Of Rhode Island Crew
Seth Clough4University Of Rhode Island Crew
Patrick Condon3University Of Rhode Island Crew
Peter Collins2University Of Rhode Island Crew
Michael WhiteBowUniversity Of Rhode Island Crew
18:19.3912:57.1119.20 %4:18.4064:18.4065:54.71210:13.1185:15.09315:28.2112:51.18018:19.391
4Scratch029U.s. Merchant Marine Academy (USA)A. Blair Crew
Athlete's Club 
Cullen WootenCoxswainU.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Anthony BlairStrokeU.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Malek Byam7U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Kyle Arpaia6U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
James Segerstrom5U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Robert Powell4U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Bryan Bumgarner3U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Kevin Clinthorne2U.s. Merchant Marine Academy
Lorcan WelshBowU.s. Merchant Marine Academy
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