49th Head of the Charles Regatta
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18Club Eights MenFinal4800Final010/19/20132:04 PM47Final OnlyMcIntyre CupOfficial  10/23/2013 10:59:16 PM10/23/2013 10:59:23 PM
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RiversideWeldCambridge BCFinish
11Finished1Brown University Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Julia FranckhCoxswainBrown University Crew
Anand RajeshStrokeBrown University Crew
Jackson Dobronyi7Brown University Crew
Benjamin Stops6Brown University Crew
Maximilian Lowndes5Brown University Crew
Jeffrey Laurence-Chasen4Brown University Crew
Eric Blood3Brown University Crew
Eli Brown2Brown University Crew
Michael WicksBowBrown University Crew
1 - A. Rajesh 
14:26.767 0.00 %3:13.7453:13.7454:38.5307:52.2754:05.57111:57.8462:28.92114:26.767
2Finished3Boston University Mens Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Lauren HarveyCoxswainBoston University Mens Crew
Gregor DierksStrokeBoston University Mens Crew
Matthew Lenhart7Boston University Mens Crew
Kep Edwards6Boston University Mens Crew
Tomas Weaver5Boston University Mens Crew
Daniel Relle4Boston University Mens Crew
Alexander Keiser3Boston University Mens Crew
JOHN SZRAMIAK2Boston University Mens Crew
Andrew BeckBowBoston University Mens Crew
1 - G. Dierks 
14:39.41512.651.46 %3:18.8773:18.8774:41.0427:59.9194:08.18512:08.1042:31.31114:39.415
3Finished4Northeastern University (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Mackenzie DaffernerCoxswainNortheastern University
Alexander GreeneStrokeNortheastern University
Matej Herega7Northeastern University
Daniel Corso6Northeastern University
Olivier McNicoll5Northeastern University
Trevor Appier4Northeastern University
Ryan Leddy3Northeastern University
Dale Jordan2Northeastern University
Colin SchaapBowNortheastern University
1 - A. Greene 
14:51.59424.822.86 %3:19.0513:19.0514:43.6078:02.6584:10.07412:12.7322:38.86214:51.594
4Finished5Harvard University (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Brittanie MaxwellCoxswainHarvard University
Ben lyntonStrokeHarvard University
peter scholle7Harvard University
John Hogan6Harvard University
Erik Slater5Harvard University
Andrew Emmett4Harvard University
Alexander Uruchurtu3Harvard University
Nick Jaroszewicz2Harvard University
Ryan FureyBowHarvard University
1 - B. lynton 
14:52.30425.532.95 %3:22.9413:22.9414:45.7708:08.7114:13.73812:22.4492:29.85514:52.304
5Finished25U.s. Naval Academy Mens Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jordan BowmanCoxswainU.s. Naval Academy Mens Crew
Hank McDonaldStrokeU.s. Naval Academy Mens Crew
Grant Buckley7U.s. Naval Academy Mens Crew
Keefe Rafferty6U.s. Naval Academy Mens Crew
Patrick Bunce5U.s. Naval Academy Mens Crew
Ethan Scully4U.s. Naval Academy Mens Crew
David Sands3U.s. Naval Academy Mens Crew
Wilson Valle2U.s. Naval Academy Mens Crew
Peter LutterBowU.s. Naval Academy Mens Crew
H. McDonald 
14:52.40425.632.96 %3:20.4033:20.4034:43.6058:04.0084:12.15312:16.1612:36.24314:52.404
6Finished13College Of The Holy Cross (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Michael FitzgeraldCoxswainCollege Of The Holy Cross
Jordan TraubStrokeCollege Of The Holy Cross
Anthony Curro7College Of The Holy Cross
Samuel Poryanda6College Of The Holy Cross
Thomas Watts5College Of The Holy Cross
Henry Van Damme4College Of The Holy Cross
Connor Dilworth3College Of The Holy Cross
Sean O'neill2College Of The Holy Cross
Connor MayBowCollege Of The Holy Cross
1 - J. Traub 
15:04.63937.874.37 %3:22.5593:22.5594:44.7528:07.3114:17.92812:25.2392:39.40015:04.639
7Finished6Boston University Mens Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Marguerite ReadCoxswainBoston University Mens Crew
Mike KappStrokeBoston University Mens Crew
Charles Fidler7Boston University Mens Crew
Cameron Pizzo6Boston University Mens Crew
Spencer Haas5Boston University Mens Crew
Will Karafelis4Boston University Mens Crew
Peter Roberts3Boston University Mens Crew
Jasper Graebner2Boston University Mens Crew
Jamie OdgersBowBoston University Mens Crew
2 - M. Kapp 
15:08.07541.314.77 %3:26.8603:26.8604:48.7318:15.5914:17.85312:33.4442:34.63115:08.075
8Finished35Union Boat Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Tom IvancicCoxswainUnion Boat Club
James McLaughlinStrokeUnion Boat Club
William Goldenheim7Union Boat Club
Timm Baur6Union Boat Club
Leandro Tozzo5Union Boat Club
Markus Ganter4Union Boat Club
Thomas Fee3Union Boat Club
Joe Malarney2Union Boat Club
Andrew FisherBowUnion Boat Club
J. McLaughlin 
15:09.09042.324.88 %3:22.2693:22.2694:47.6368:09.905   15:09.090
9Finished26Merrimac River Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Sarah IveyCoxswainMerrimac River Rowing Association
Tim CotreauStrokeMerrimac River Rowing Association
Arnold Wood7Merrimac River Rowing Association
Michael Poreba6Merrimac River Rowing Association
Richard Connell5Merrimac River Rowing Association
James Duguay4Merrimac River Rowing Association
Jonathan Dwyer3Merrimac River Rowing Association
Scott Maclellan2Merrimac River Rowing Association
Harrison FinchBowMerrimac River Rowing Association
T. Cotreau 
15:14.36447.595.49 %3:24.2133:24.2134:50.1248:14.3374:21.19612:35.5332:38.83115:14.364
10Finished2Yale University Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Mackenzie LeeCoxswainYale University Crew
Henry BirdStrokeYale University Crew
Roben Molen-Grigull7Yale University Crew
Robert Hurn6Yale University Crew
Janis (John) Risbergs5Yale University Crew
Nathaniel Goodman4Yale University Crew
Lawrence Lopez3Yale University Crew
John McGinn2Yale University Crew
William RosenbloomBowYale University Crew
H. Bird 
15:15.14648.385.58 %3:25.8583:25.8584:44.9698:10.8274:20.34012:31.1672:43.97915:15.146
11Finished15Boston University Mens Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jeremy SingerCoxswainBoston University Mens Crew
Drew MillerStrokeBoston University Mens Crew
Matthew Marks7Boston University Mens Crew
Dan Marconi6Boston University Mens Crew
Alex Dillon5Boston University Mens Crew
Austin Bald4Boston University Mens Crew
Blaze Travis3Boston University Mens Crew
James Sparkman2Boston University Mens Crew
ZACHARY ROBBIANOBowBoston University Mens Crew
3 - D. Miller 
15:16.58949.825.75 %3:27.4743:27.4744:50.1318:17.6054:22.64612:40.2512:36.33815:16.589
12Finished39Erasmus School of Economics (NED) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jorie SullivanCoxswainErasmus School of Economics
Falko MichielseStrokeErasmus School of Economics
Alastair Carr7Erasmus School of Economics
Tim Beatrix6Erasmus School of Economics
David Fox5Erasmus School of Economics
Lars Verkade4Erasmus School of Economics
Thom Broersen3Erasmus School of Economics
Lennart Hoskam2Erasmus School of Economics
Max HendriksBowErasmus School of Economics
F. Michielse 
15:16.80450.035.77 %3:27.7083:27.7084:49.1288:16.836   15:16.804
13Finished29Columbia University (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Yih-Jen KuCoxswainColumbia University
Anders SmedsrudStrokeColumbia University
Steven Boyle7Columbia University
John Hold6Columbia University
Bryan Ptucha5Columbia University
Dan Puttmann4Columbia University
Conor Murphy3Columbia University
Oliver Ingram2Columbia University
Ben BlairBowColumbia University
A. Smedsrud 
15:23.77057.006.58 %3:32.9933:32.9934:56.2488:29.241   15:23.770
14Finished42Northeastern University (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Ashwini RaoCoxswainNortheastern University
Matthew KuczmarskiStrokeNortheastern University
Kevin Meador7Northeastern University
Michael Barnes6Northeastern University
Bill Tomlinson5Northeastern University
Mathew Kernan4Northeastern University
Armand Gantard3Northeastern University
John Rectenwald2Northeastern University
Samuel KahnBowNortheastern University
2 - M. Kuczmarski 
15:24.87158.106.70 %3:28.5813:28.5814:50.4558:19.036   15:24.871
15Finished37A.s.r. Nereus (NED) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Dieuwke FetterCoxswainA.s.r. Nereus
Tim NelissenStrokeA.s.r. Nereus
Jeroen Bouma7A.s.r. Nereus
Bo Wullings6A.s.r. Nereus
Tim Engels5A.s.r. Nereus
Chris Jeffers4A.s.r. Nereus
Cederic van Petegem3A.s.r. Nereus
Bas Baatenburg de Jong2A.s.r. Nereus
Alain VerburgBowA.s.r. Nereus
T. Nelissen 
15:27.3731:00.606.99 %3:34.0093:34.0094:57.0748:31.083   15:27.373
16Finished12Brown University Alumni (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Katie EvansCoxswainBrown University Alumni
Sean MedcalfStrokeBrown University Alumni
Nicholas Ritter7Brown University Alumni
colin fish6Brown University Alumni
David Coughlin5Brown University Alumni
Kyle Beatty4Brown University Alumni
jacques Greenberg3Brown University Alumni
Greg Stepina2Brown University Alumni
greg silverbergBowBrown University Alumni
1 - S. Medcalf 
15:31.9321:05.167.52 %3:30.9183:30.9184:54.3688:25.2864:25.51512:50.8012:41.13115:31.932
17Finished10George Mason University Crew Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Cayla DonnellyCoxswainGeorge Mason University Crew Club
Tim ArvinStrokeGeorge Mason University Crew Club
Joe Butt7George Mason University Crew Club
Max Jones6George Mason University Crew Club
Lucas Wilks5George Mason University Crew Club
Samuel Gallerano4George Mason University Crew Club
William Colbert3George Mason University Crew Club
Will Rose2George Mason University Crew Club
Brian HetrickBowGeorge Mason University Crew Club
T. Arvin 
15:34.5411:07.777.82 %3:33.1863:33.1864:55.3308:28.5164:26.51412:55.0302:39.51115:34.541
18Finished9Harvard University (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
James DrebenCoxswainHarvard University
Emanuel RitschardStrokeHarvard University
Ian Meyer7Harvard University
Tyler Gill6Harvard University
Mark Steinbrick5Harvard University
Johann Colloredo-Mansfeld4Harvard University
Chris McKenna3Harvard University
Patrick Anderson2Harvard University
Matt PawlowskiBowHarvard University
2 - E. Ritschard 
15:36.7211:09.958.07 %3:30.5313:30.5314:56.6488:27.1794:24.98912:52.1682:44.55315:36.721
19Finished14Bucknell University (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Kate RolfesCoxswainBucknell University
Ryan ThompsonStrokeBucknell University
Ethan Zubkoff7Bucknell University
Nate Coffin6Bucknell University
Lucas Colagrossi5Bucknell University
Scott Serpico4Bucknell University
Tyler Bogaczyk3Bucknell University
William Fierman2Bucknell University
Samuel WileyBowBucknell University
R. Thompson 
15:43.5181:16.758.85 %3:31.9743:31.9744:52.4768:24.4504:31.70112:56.1512:47.36715:43.518
20Finished31Maritime Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Sara SikesCoxswainMaritime Rowing Club
Nathaniel KellyStrokeMaritime Rowing Club
William Senst7Maritime Rowing Club
Brendan McEwan6Maritime Rowing Club
Roman Vengerovskiy5Maritime Rowing Club
Patrick Sikes4Maritime Rowing Club
Chris Pham3Maritime Rowing Club
Robert Storck2Maritime Rowing Club
Adam UhrynowskiBowMaritime Rowing Club
N. Kelly 
15:46.1471:19.389.16 %3:39.8843:39.8844:57.7228:37.606   15:46.147
21Finished46Riverside Boat Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Cait HartCoxswainRiverside Boat Club
John MeierStrokeRiverside Boat Club
Trey Chandler7Riverside Boat Club
John Mitrowski6Riverside Boat Club
Kyle Fabel5Riverside Boat Club
Gabriel Mahoney4Riverside Boat Club
Christopher Lowe3Riverside Boat Club
Will Marshall2Riverside Boat Club
Paul FisherBowRiverside Boat Club
J. Meier 
15:46.9721:20.209.25 %3:32.3983:32.3984:59.6188:32.016   15:46.972
22Finished43Wpi Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Mitra Marvasti-SitterlyCoxswainWpi Crew
Keegan ColeStrokeWpi Crew
Joseph Sperry7Wpi Crew
Norman Harris6Wpi Crew
Nicholas Van Sciver5Wpi Crew
Brede Doerner4Wpi Crew
Zachary Gendreau3Wpi Crew
Dan Singer2Wpi Crew
Daniel SeamanBowWpi Crew
K. Cole 
15:49.2471:22.489.52 %3:38.5563:38.5564:54.6988:33.254   15:49.247
23Finished7Brown University Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Francesca WhiteheadCoxswainBrown University Crew
Joshua WeinsteinStrokeBrown University Crew
Ercole Durini diMonza7Brown University Crew
Christopher Farrow6Brown University Crew
William Berry5Brown University Crew
Connelly Denton4Brown University Crew
David Lazris3Brown University Crew
Joshua Remland2Brown University Crew
Frederic LamontagneBowBrown University Crew
2 - J. Weinstein 
15:57.5101:30.7410.47 %3:39.7923:39.7924:59.3958:39.1874:33.06813:12.2552:45.25515:57.510
24Finished28College Of The Holy Cross (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
John GentileCoxswainCollege Of The Holy Cross
Ryan HalliseyStrokeCollege Of The Holy Cross
Jon Bachmann7College Of The Holy Cross
Kevin Casey6College Of The Holy Cross
William McCue5College Of The Holy Cross
James Holland4College Of The Holy Cross
Robbie Carter3College Of The Holy Cross
Joseph Nolan2College Of The Holy Cross
James PowerBowCollege Of The Holy Cross
2 - R. Hallisey 
15:59.6281:32.8610.71 %3:35.8473:35.8475:01.7108:37.5574:34.22413:11.7812:47.84715:59.628
25Finished19George Washington Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Margaret BaroneCoxswainGeorge Washington Rowing Association
Craig HelmstetterStrokeGeorge Washington Rowing Association
Eric Herrera7George Washington Rowing Association
Adam Bair6George Washington Rowing Association
Clay Cutshall5George Washington Rowing Association
Sean Fago4George Washington Rowing Association
Colin York3George Washington Rowing Association
Sam Goldberg2George Washington Rowing Association
Jim GallagherBowGeorge Washington Rowing Association
C. Helmstetter 
16:03.8891:37.1211.20 %3:38.0343:38.0345:05.0958:43.1294:35.83313:18.9622:44.92716:03.889
26Finished8Fat Cat Rowing Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
David CovinCoxswainFat Cat Rowing Club
Shawn AhmadStrokeFat Cat Rowing Club
William Golden7Fat Cat Rowing Club
Michael Protesto6Fat Cat Rowing Club
Michael Lombardi5Fat Cat Rowing Club
Van Standifer4Fat Cat Rowing Club
Bret Rubin3Fat Cat Rowing Club
Chris Burkmar2Fat Cat Rowing Club
Kevin O'NeilBowFat Cat Rowing Club
S. Ahmad 
16:05.2791:38.5111.37 %3:32.9103:32.9105:08.9628:41.8724:31.39113:13.2632:52.01616:05.279
27Finished36Three Rivers Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Elizabeth FishbackCoxswainThree Rivers Rowing Association
Jeremy BowlbyStrokeThree Rivers Rowing Association
Matthew Loughren7Three Rivers Rowing Association
Mateusz Saykiewicz6Three Rivers Rowing Association
Tom Donohoe5Three Rivers Rowing Association
Tom Hudak4Three Rivers Rowing Association
Steven Martino3Three Rivers Rowing Association
Brian DiSalle2Three Rivers Rowing Association
Donald Webber-PlankBowThree Rivers Rowing Association
J. Bowlby 
16:08.2851:41.5211.71 %3:41.9753:41.9755:03.0858:45.060   16:08.285
28Finished11Harvard University (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Katherine BartonCoxswainHarvard University
Nicholas GavinStrokeHarvard University
Owen Prunskis7Harvard University
Robert Ledniczky6Harvard University
Dillon Tiner5Harvard University
Jake Stepansky4Harvard University
Patrick Dowling3Harvard University
Timothy McNamara2Harvard University
Eli DaveyBowHarvard University
3 - N. Gavin 
16:08.8501:42.0811.78 %3:38.2363:38.2365:06.6128:44.8484:35.49913:20.3472:48.50316:08.850
29Finished47Potomac Boat Club (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Ian Waterhouse-TerrellCoxswainPotomac Boat Club
Maxwell SwaglerStrokePotomac Boat Club
Ryan Coyne7Potomac Boat Club
Timothy Spell6Potomac Boat Club
Tom Kiernan5Potomac Boat Club
Glenn Kelly4Potomac Boat Club
Alexander Smith3Potomac Boat Club
Joe Yeado2Potomac Boat Club
Edward GehresBowPotomac Boat Club
M. Swagler 
16:11.5861:44.8212.09 %3:41.8213:41.8215:07.6548:49.475   16:11.586
30Finished33Friends Of Georgetown Rowing (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Kevin FrancoliniCoxswainFriends Of Georgetown Rowing
Joseph LeveroniStrokeFriends Of Georgetown Rowing
Nicholas Berry7Friends Of Georgetown Rowing
ralph crowley6Friends Of Georgetown Rowing
Timothy Carey5Friends Of Georgetown Rowing
Joseph Mcelwee4Friends Of Georgetown Rowing
Spencer Almy3Friends Of Georgetown Rowing
Michael Hennessy2Friends Of Georgetown Rowing
Michael BlommerBowFriends Of Georgetown Rowing
J. Leveroni 
16:12.6591:45.8912.22 %3:37.0403:37.0405:10.4378:47.477   16:12.659
31Finished40Shannon Rowing Club (IRL) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Alan murnaneCoxswainShannon Rowing Club
Michael O'CallaghanStrokeShannon Rowing Club
Kenneth McDonald7Shannon Rowing Club
John J. Gleeson6Shannon Rowing Club
Jonathan Shinnors5Shannon Rowing Club
Peter collins4Shannon Rowing Club
Brendan Barry3Shannon Rowing Club
brian collins2Shannon Rowing Club
Jason wallBowShannon Rowing Club
M. O'Callaghan 
16:15.0951:48.3312.50 %3:47.1563:47.1565:08.6928:55.848   16:15.095
32Finished18Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Janelle MansfieldCoxswainMassachusetts Institute Of Technology
Aaron BaumgartenStrokeMassachusetts Institute Of Technology
Connor Popik7Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Ryan Webb6Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Matt Hunter5Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Christian Vilanilam4Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Ben Claman3Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Joseph Figura2Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
James KrasnerBowMassachusetts Institute Of Technology
A. Baumgarten 
16:16.9991:50.2312.72 %3:35.0773:35.0775:06.5608:41.6374:40.13013:21.7672:55.23216:16.999
33Finished17Yale Old Fellows Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Brian ChoiCoxswainYale Old Fellows Rowing Association
Peter StrobleStrokeYale Old Fellows Rowing Association
Stratton Lloyd7Yale Old Fellows Rowing Association
David Osinski6Yale Old Fellows Rowing Association
Ben Mann5Yale Old Fellows Rowing Association
Don Mann4Yale Old Fellows Rowing Association
Alex Magary3Yale Old Fellows Rowing Association
Jim Vartuli2Yale Old Fellows Rowing Association
Nat KeohaneBowYale Old Fellows Rowing Association
P. Stroble 
16:21.6371:54.8713.25 %3:40.7833:40.7835:08.9138:49.6964:38.15613:27.8522:53.78516:21.637
34Finished44Fairfield University Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Olivia VitaCoxswainFairfield University Crew
Phillip FalcoStrokeFairfield University Crew
Floris-Jan Floris7Fairfield University Crew
Charlie Serpa6Fairfield University Crew
Luke Auger5Fairfield University Crew
Tom Siddall4Fairfield University Crew
Alexander Nowicki3Fairfield University Crew
Cameron Bowen2Fairfield University Crew
Robert LawlerBowFairfield University Crew
P. Falco 
16:24.5431:57.7713.59 %3:46.9333:46.9335:07.0408:53.973   16:24.543
35Finished30Friends Of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
John BoyleCoxswainFriends Of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing
Colin BurnsStrokeFriends Of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing
Matthew Kerwin7Friends Of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing
Christopher McCool6Friends Of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing
Timothy Carter5Friends Of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing
Robert Relovsky4Friends Of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing
Griffin Smith3Friends Of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing
Joseph Quaid2Friends Of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing
Brendan MasonBowFriends Of St. Joseph's Prep Rowing
C. Burns 
16:28.8162:02.0514.08 %3:41.7303:41.7305:13.3198:55.049   16:28.816
36Finished34Brown University Alumni (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jb CholnokyCoxswainBrown University Alumni
Joe DonahueStrokeBrown University Alumni
Ari Resnick7Brown University Alumni
Scott Morgan6Brown University Alumni
Jamie Marcus5Brown University Alumni
Chris Parker4Brown University Alumni
Colby Richardson3Brown University Alumni
Fred Milgrim2Brown University Alumni
Duncan McHaleBowBrown University Alumni
2 - J. Donahue 
16:30.4162:03.6514.27 %3:48.2343:48.2345:10.9138:59.147   16:30.416
37Finished21Ithaca College Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Ryan MyersCoxswainIthaca College Crew
Andrew ErskineStrokeIthaca College Crew
Devin Dyson7Ithaca College Crew
Liam Kavin6Ithaca College Crew
Taylor Leblanc5Ithaca College Crew
Kevin Davie4Ithaca College Crew
Joseph Allegra3Ithaca College Crew
Damian Theodosiou2Ithaca College Crew
Ryan TomanocyBowIthaca College Crew
A. Erskine 
16:33.4622:06.6914.62 %3:50.8613:50.8615:04.1688:55.0294:42.32313:37.3522:56.11016:33.462
38Finished22King's Crown Rowing Association (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Andrew LakeCoxswainKing's Crown Rowing Association
Charles WuStrokeKing's Crown Rowing Association
Stephen LaPerla7King's Crown Rowing Association
Ian Winthrop6King's Crown Rowing Association
Michael Rawlings5King's Crown Rowing Association
Matt Celano4King's Crown Rowing Association
Tom Olivera3King's Crown Rowing Association
Greg Hawxhurst2King's Crown Rowing Association
Sebastian KirwanBowKing's Crown Rowing Association
C. Wu 
16:33.5772:06.8114.63 %3:37.5853:37.5855:11.6218:49.2064:51.66013:40.8662:52.71116:33.577
39Finished16Boston College (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Emma HanlonCoxswainBoston College
Thomas O'BoyleStrokeBoston College
Ed Twohig7Boston College
Connor Green6Boston College
Nicholas Muller5Boston College
Andrew Xuan4Boston College
Brian Hommel3Boston College
James Lucey2Boston College
Anthony MarinoBowBoston College
T. O'Boyle 
16:37.1952:10.4315.05 %3:47.3263:47.3265:12.9289:00.2544:44.24513:44.4992:52.69616:37.195
40Finished23Lehigh Alumni (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
David HighhillCoxswainLehigh Alumni
Phil BreshnahanStrokeLehigh Alumni
Philip Snyder7Lehigh Alumni
Andrew Younghein6Lehigh Alumni
Greg Tyler5Lehigh Alumni
Joseph Loguidice4Lehigh Alumni
Dan Rogers3Lehigh Alumni
Aaron Czysz2Lehigh Alumni
Sam AndersonBowLehigh Alumni
P. Breshnahan 
16:39.1672:12.4015.28 %3:44.0693:44.0695:19.0319:03.1004:44.55213:47.6522:51.51516:39.167
41Finished41Harvard Law School Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Mira MehtaCoxswainHarvard Law School Crew
Maxime CancreStrokeHarvard Law School Crew
Jonathan Garrity7Harvard Law School Crew
Robert Greenglass6Harvard Law School Crew
Andrew Boston5Harvard Law School Crew
Andreas Jaegle4Harvard Law School Crew
Alexander Simmonds3Harvard Law School Crew
John DiCola2Harvard Law School Crew
Carlos RiveraBowHarvard Law School Crew
M. Cancre 
16:42.9032:16.1315.71 %3:50.4183:50.4185:10.9039:01.321   16:42.903
42Finished38Hobart College Crew Alumni (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Reynaldo KellyCoxswainHobart College Crew Alumni
Peter NettlStrokeHobart College Crew Alumni
John Heavey7Hobart College Crew Alumni
Paul Wasmund6Hobart College Crew Alumni
David Roberts5Hobart College Crew Alumni
Jeffery Douglas Pribor4Hobart College Crew Alumni
Francis Craig3Hobart College Crew Alumni
Ben Draper2Hobart College Crew Alumni
Nathan KressBowHobart College Crew Alumni
P. Nettl 
16:45.2752:18.5115.98 %3:50.5623:50.5625:14.9069:05.468   16:45.275
43Finished27University Of Massachusetts - Lowell (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Maura PinardCoxswainUniversity Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Michael CarenzaStrokeUniversity Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Jack Price7University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Jonah Sakala6University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Andrew Raitto5University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Sean Connor4University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Alexander Gavriel3University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Shea Reny2University Of Massachusetts - Lowell
Iakov StolbovBowUniversity Of Massachusetts - Lowell
M. Carenza 
17:04.3452:37.5818.18 %3:54.5453:54.5455:23.9699:18.514   17:04.345
44Finished45Lpj - Chicago Rowing Foundation (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Nicola HoskingCoxswainLpj - Chicago Rowing Foundation
Justin GordonStrokeLpj - Chicago Rowing Foundation
Matthew Conrad7Lpj - Chicago Rowing Foundation
Ian Gottschalk6Lpj - Chicago Rowing Foundation
Raf Miastkowski5Lpj - Chicago Rowing Foundation
Robert Gottschalk4Lpj - Chicago Rowing Foundation
Chris Shoup3Lpj - Chicago Rowing Foundation
Christian Talbot2Lpj - Chicago Rowing Foundation
Eric BuckBowLpj - Chicago Rowing Foundation
J. Gordon 
17:08.9142:42.1418.71 %3:59.7423:59.7425:20.8949:20.636   17:08.914
45Finished24University of Delaware Men's Crew (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Rebecca LubkerCoxswainUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew
Lagare SmithStrokeUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew
Nicholas Newlin7University of Delaware Men's Crew
Matthew Walker6University of Delaware Men's Crew
Owen Smith5University of Delaware Men's Crew
Eric Dramstad4University of Delaware Men's Crew
Stephen Norman3University of Delaware Men's Crew
Matthew Ward2University of Delaware Men's Crew
Michael TuiachBowUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew
L. Smith 
17:21.1912:54.4220.12 %3:56.6583:56.6585:26.7809:23.4384:56.61514:20.0533:01.13817:21.191
46Finished32Friends Of Wpi Rowing (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Amanda BazinetCoxswainFriends Of Wpi Rowing
Neil LettenbergerStrokeFriends Of Wpi Rowing
Ian Buzanoski7Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Mike Milkin6Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Jeffrey Lessard5Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Damon Bussey4Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Andrew Emerson3Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Jack Sternal2Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Andrew SandeferBowFriends Of Wpi Rowing
N. Lettenberger 
17:32.7773:06.0121.46 %3:56.8603:56.8605:34.6809:31.540   17:32.777
47Finished20Community Rowing, Inc. (USA) Crew
Athlete's Club 
Thomas WielandCoxswainCommunity Rowing, Inc.
John HudanichStrokeCommunity Rowing, Inc.
Wayne Thompson7Community Rowing, Inc.
Ben Mundell6Community Rowing, Inc.
Bryan Fuller5Community Rowing, Inc.
Nicholas Kolivas4Community Rowing, Inc.
Moses Bension3Community Rowing, Inc.
Paul Farrell2Community Rowing, Inc.
Kenneth HoffmanBowCommunity Rowing, Inc.
J. Hudanich1:15
7-BR(3),  7-FR,  8-BR,  13-BR(3)
25:51.08611:24.3278.95 %4:45.9644:45.9647:05.83611:51.800   24:36.086