48th Head of the Charles Regatta
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11Alumni Eights MenFinal4800Final1110/20/201211:12 AM44Final Only Official  10/23/2012 12:44:50 AM 
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RiversideWeldCambridge BCFinish
1Finished1Northeastern University Rowing Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
Rachel PojednicCoxswainNortheastern University Rowing Alumni
Craig SmallwoodStrokeNortheastern University Rowing Alumni
Will Miller7Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Daniel Walsh6Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Gracio Garcia5Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Bojan Mandaric4Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Lou Harwood3Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Petar Lovric2Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Tom OwstonBowNortheastern University Rowing Alumni
1 - C. Smallwood29 1 
14:49.251 0.00 %3:15.8113:15.8114:40.8657:56.6764:15.49012:12.1662:37.08514:49.251
2Brown University Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
Patrick YuCoxswainBrown University Alumni
ben holbrookStrokeBrown University Alumni
jamie koven7Brown University Alumni
joel scrogin6Brown University Alumni
Steve Van knotsenburg5Brown University Alumni
luke cunningham4Brown University Alumni
Rich Caputo3Brown University Alumni
erik winters2Brown University Alumni
porter collinsBowBrown University Alumni
B. Holbrook360:06.03 
15:17.88628.643.22 %3:23.9453:23.9454:52.9398:16.8844:22.35412:39.2382:44.64815:23.886
3Ever Green Boat Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Andrea DaleyCoxswainEver Green Boat Club
Joshua PatchStrokeEver Green Boat Club
Nick Dawe7Ever Green Boat Club
Tom Stephens6Ever Green Boat Club
Henry Luehrman5Ever Green Boat Club
Brook Detterman4Ever Green Boat Club
Mark Nathe3Ever Green Boat Club
Edward Demetriou2Ever Green Boat Club
Baxter WassonBowEver Green Boat Club
1 - J. Patch310:00.520 
16:16.0811:26.839.76 %3:33.3813:33.3815:04.2048:37.5854:46.94613:24.5312:52.05016:16.581
4Bma Boat Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
James GermanoCoxswainBma Boat Club
Michael RossidisStrokeBma Boat Club
Andrew McLaren7Bma Boat Club
Warren Russell6Bma Boat Club
Alex Karwoski5Bma Boat Club
Bill Brumsted4Bma Boat Club
Mark Siegel3Bma Boat Club
Ben Perry2Bma Boat Club
Drew TennantBowBma Boat Club
M. Rossidis24 6 
15:40.11350.865.72 %3:24.5823:24.5824:57.3308:21.9124:30.62612:52.5382:47.57515:40.113
5Crabtree Boat Club - Cambridge Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jim OmartianCoxswainCrabtree Boat Club - Cambridge Alumni
Nate KirkStrokeCrabtree Boat Club - Cambridge Alumni
Tom James7Crabtree Boat Club - Cambridge Alumni
David Nelson6Crabtree Boat Club - Cambridge Alumni
Sebastian Schulte5Crabtree Boat Club - Cambridge Alumni
Steffen Buschbacher4Crabtree Boat Club - Cambridge Alumni
Hugo Mallinson3Crabtree Boat Club - Cambridge Alumni
Matthias Kleinz2Crabtree Boat Club - Cambridge Alumni
James LivingstonBowCrabtree Boat Club - Cambridge Alumni
N. Kirk320:01.52 
15:04.71715.471.74 %3:22.3243:22.3244:50.1568:12.4804:14.48912:26.9692:39.24815:06.217
6Grand Valley State University Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
Lisa MalloureCoxswainGrand Valley State University Alumni
Mike StollStrokeGrand Valley State University Alumni
Bredan Sawyer7Grand Valley State University Alumni
Dane Gallagher6Grand Valley State University Alumni
Ross Anderson5Grand Valley State University Alumni
Dan Vainner4Grand Valley State University Alumni
Cody Copus3Grand Valley State University Alumni
Dan Robertson2Grand Valley State University Alumni
Scott FeilBowGrand Valley State University Alumni
M. Stoll26 13 
15:56.2141:06.967.53 %3:30.0333:30.0335:00.7408:30.7734:34.31513:05.0882:51.12615:56.214
7Cornell University Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
Ian WatersCoxswainCornell University Alumni
Andrew KallfelzStrokeCornell University Alumni
Todd Kennett7Cornell University Alumni
Bradley Boericke6Cornell University Alumni
Terence Crimmins5Cornell University Alumni
Peter Edwards4Cornell University Alumni
David Kearing3Cornell University Alumni
David Barclay2Cornell University Alumni
Ivan Rudolph-ShabinskyBowCornell University Alumni
A. Kallfelz470:32.58 
15:43.51454.266.10 %3:32.2063:32.2065:05.0508:37.2564:42.27113:19.5272:56.48716:16.014
8Hvl+ Boat Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Mark AdomanisCoxswainHvl+ Boat Club
Moritz HafnerStrokeHvl+ Boat Club
Jacob Sattelmair7Hvl+ Boat Club
Dave Stephens6Hvl+ Boat Club
Michael Kummer5Hvl+ Boat Club
Daniel Reid4Hvl+ Boat Club
Griffin Schroeder3Hvl+ Boat Club
Jim Kenary2Hvl+ Boat Club
Nicholas DowningBowHvl+ Boat Club
M. Hafner28 12 
15:56.1161:06.877.52 %3:24.7903:24.7905:03.4668:28.2564:32.93013:01.1862:54.93015:56.116
9Ever Green Boat Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Dana SilbersteinCoxswainEver Green Boat Club
Sydney WilliamsStrokeEver Green Boat Club
Marc Monplaisir7Ever Green Boat Club
Michael Stanitski6Ever Green Boat Club
Henry Spindler5Ever Green Boat Club
James Crawford4Ever Green Boat Club
Nick Lowell3Ever Green Boat Club
Matt Fitzgerald2Ever Green Boat Club
Tanner MathisonBowEver Green Boat Club
2 - S. Williams420:17.519 
16:14.1121:24.869.54 %3:34.7013:34.7015:05.1508:39.8514:59.13713:38.9882:52.62416:31.612
10California Rowing Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Timothy O'ConnellCoxswainCalifornia Rowing Club
Charles SmithStrokeCalifornia Rowing Club
Elliot Hayes7California Rowing Club
Dan Casaca6California Rowing Club
Max Wyatt5California Rowing Club
Marko Knezevic4California Rowing Club
Jan Tize3California Rowing Club
Elliot Hovey2California Rowing Club
Marko MarjanovicBowCalifornia Rowing Club
C. Smith27 5 
15:32.13842.894.82 %3:25.3043:25.3044:52.8848:18.1884:28.13612:46.3242:45.81415:32.138
11Blue Cheese Rowing Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
steve chengCoxswainBlue Cheese Rowing Club
andrew morleyStrokeBlue Cheese Rowing Club
eric den besten7Blue Cheese Rowing Club
ben hamilton6Blue Cheese Rowing Club
pat mcgarvey5Blue Cheese Rowing Club
wes ng4Blue Cheese Rowing Club
dan ensslen3Blue Cheese Rowing Club
skylar prill2Blue Cheese Rowing Club
john grunykBowBlue Cheese Rowing Club
1 - A. Morley30 22 
16:24.9981:35.7510.77 %3:36.7313:36.7315:18.8068:55.5374:35.26513:30.8022:54.19616:24.998
12Michigan Rowing Association Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
Remi TaiblesonCoxswainMichigan Rowing Association Alumni
Matthew HughesStrokeMichigan Rowing Association Alumni
Tom Peszek7Michigan Rowing Association Alumni
Frank Sedlar6Michigan Rowing Association Alumni
Riley Hall5Michigan Rowing Association Alumni
Erik Hult4Michigan Rowing Association Alumni
Jon Miller3Michigan Rowing Association Alumni
Joey Rodriguez2Michigan Rowing Association Alumni
Josh GetzBowMichigan Rowing Association Alumni
M. Hughes26 150:20
16:01.1041:11.858.08 %3:26.8563:26.8564:58.3738:25.2294:27.15412:52.3832:48.72115:41.104
13Blue Cheese Rowing Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
stephen dobeckCoxswainBlue Cheese Rowing Club
michael jonasStrokeBlue Cheese Rowing Club
joe fallon7Blue Cheese Rowing Club
greg hopkins6Blue Cheese Rowing Club
Christian Blum5Blue Cheese Rowing Club
james schulmeister4Blue Cheese Rowing Club
dave zaragoza3Blue Cheese Rowing Club
sam cooley2Blue Cheese Rowing Club
dan colemanBowBlue Cheese Rowing Club
2 - M. Jonas26 16 
16:04.4991:15.258.46 %3:32.0183:32.0185:07.0218:39.0394:35.55413:14.5932:49.90616:04.499
14Columbia University Alumni Rowing Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jenny RonisCoxswainColumbia University Alumni Rowing
John WallStrokeColumbia University Alumni Rowing
Milos Tomic7Columbia University Alumni Rowing
Ryan Wood6Columbia University Alumni Rowing
Velijko Urosevic5Columbia University Alumni Rowing
Edward Eckert4Columbia University Alumni Rowing
Mike Nucci3Columbia University Alumni Rowing
Robin Fitzgerald-Green2Columbia University Alumni Rowing
Mike CummingsBowColumbia University Alumni Rowing
J. Wall29 31 
16:53.5272:04.2813.98 %3:36.4323:36.4325:15.9788:52.4104:44.42413:36.8343:16.69316:53.527
15George Washington Rowing Association Crew
Athlete's Club 
Kathryn QuijanoCoxswainGeorge Washington Rowing Association
Joseph RichardsStrokeGeorge Washington Rowing Association
Stephen Carlson7George Washington Rowing Association
Alexander Cashmen6George Washington Rowing Association
Mark Biggs5George Washington Rowing Association
Alex DelSordo4George Washington Rowing Association
Colin York3George Washington Rowing Association
Tim Spell2George Washington Rowing Association
Justin LutherBowGeorge Washington Rowing Association
J. Richards28 27 
16:37.5741:48.3212.18 %3:32.5803:32.5805:04.6088:37.1884:48.43513:25.6233:11.95116:37.574
16Heart Of The Crude Crew
Athlete's Club 
Chris KramerCoxswainHeart Of The Crude
Brad WhiteheadStrokeHeart Of The Crude
Tony Kilbridge7Heart Of The Crude
John Kelley6Heart Of The Crude
Bayard Storey5Heart Of The Crude
Joe Breuner4Heart Of The Crude
Doug Brockmeyer3Heart Of The Crude
Ken Lark2Heart Of The Crude
Steve TillesBowHeart Of The Crude
B. Whitehead520:52.09 
15:47.63158.386.57 %3:48.5133:48.5135:10.7928:59.3054:44.12313:43.4282:56.20316:39.631
17North Adams Rowing Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Dan WinstonCoxswainNorth Adams Rowing Club
Riley MaddoxStrokeNorth Adams Rowing Club
Nathaniel Lim7North Adams Rowing Club
Cameron Skinner6North Adams Rowing Club
Andy Ward5North Adams Rowing Club
Rob Buesing4North Adams Rowing Club
Dan Kenefick3North Adams Rowing Club
Ken Sluis2North Adams Rowing Club
Peter ClementsBowNorth Adams Rowing Club
R. Maddox24 7 
15:41.49852.255.88 %3:26.7353:26.7355:01.9408:28.6754:25.23512:53.9102:47.58815:41.498
18College Boat Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Matt MildenbergCoxswainCollege Boat Club
Matthew GuerrieriStrokeCollege Boat Club
Patrick Kneeland7College Boat Club
Neil McPeak6College Boat Club
Loren Mead5College Boat Club
Kevin Kennedy4College Boat Club
Nick Whitehead3College Boat Club
Sam Baum2College Boat Club
Tyler MontgomeryBowCollege Boat Club
M. Guerrieri25 14 
15:58.0851:08.847.74 %3:26.0553:26.0555:09.4448:35.4994:31.31313:06.8122:51.27315:58.085
19Georgetown University Crew
Athlete's Club 
Victoria StulgisCoxswainGeorgetown University
Joseph KrajewskiStrokeGeorgetown University
Joseph Ledvina7Georgetown University
Stephen Kendall6Georgetown University
Christopher Mathieu5Georgetown University
Conal Groom4Georgetown University
William Houston3Georgetown University
Conor McKinnon2Georgetown University
Taylor FrankBowGeorgetown University
J. Krajewski25 4 
15:28.86439.614.45 %3:21.2083:21.2084:53.6518:14.8594:24.22712:39.0862:49.77815:28.864
20Fat Cat Rowing Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
James ConnollyCoxswainFat Cat Rowing Club
Michael Charles ZimmerStrokeFat Cat Rowing Club
Tim Firestone Wray7Fat Cat Rowing Club
Michael Kemal Atalay6Fat Cat Rowing Club
Andrew Seals Ballard5Fat Cat Rowing Club
Stephen Joseph Barr4Fat Cat Rowing Club
Glen Rollins3Fat Cat Rowing Club
Todd Augustus Finnegan2Fat Cat Rowing Club
James Barrington MosesBowFat Cat Rowing Club
M. Zimmer460:29.023 
16:31.6881:42.4411.52 %3:48.5403:48.5405:22.2089:10.7484:47.16113:57.9093:02.77917:00.688
21Friends Of Wpi Rowing Crew
Athlete's Club 
Laurie KenneyCoxswainFriends Of Wpi Rowing
Connon McGrathStrokeFriends Of Wpi Rowing
Ian Buzanoski7Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Tony Danna6Friends Of Wpi Rowing
paul Beckwith5Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Michael Munroe4Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Devin Brande3Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Damon Bussey2Friends Of Wpi Rowing
Andrew SandeferBowFriends Of Wpi Rowing
C. Mcgrath28 36 
17:16.3362:27.0916.54 %3:47.8233:47.8235:26.3999:14.2224:54.06614:08.2883:08.04817:16.336
22Lehigh Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
John MuskettCoxswainLehigh Alumni
Joseph LoguidiceStrokeLehigh Alumni
Philip Snyder7Lehigh Alumni
Jon Winder6Lehigh Alumni
Mike Kelly5Lehigh Alumni
Bryce Hurst4Lehigh Alumni
Eric Harper3Lehigh Alumni
Andrew Bartynski2Lehigh Alumni
Alexander FegleyBowLehigh Alumni
J. Loguidice23 30 
16:51.0132:01.7613.69 %3:42.5853:42.5855:19.4989:02.0834:44.86913:46.9523:04.06116:51.013
23Blue Goose Boat Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Mason CoxCoxswainBlue Goose Boat Club
Graham PearsonStrokeBlue Goose Boat Club
Peter C. Miller7Blue Goose Boat Club
Glenn Kelly6Blue Goose Boat Club
Cory Sanderson5Blue Goose Boat Club
Joseph Nowak4Blue Goose Boat Club
Nate Hubbell3Blue Goose Boat Club
Dan LaFontaine2Blue Goose Boat Club
James GrantBowBlue Goose Boat Club
G. Pearson24 34 
17:12.9222:23.6716.16 %3:55.0633:55.0635:26.4689:21.5314:51.64914:13.1802:59.74217:12.922
24Messalonskee Rowing Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jillian HowellCoxswainMessalonskee Rowing Club
Brian KupkeStrokeMessalonskee Rowing Club
John Lewallen7Messalonskee Rowing Club
Matt Silverman6Messalonskee Rowing Club
Nick Von Mertens5Messalonskee Rowing Club
Peter Smithy4Messalonskee Rowing Club
Ted Farwell3Messalonskee Rowing Club
Tim Corkum2Messalonskee Rowing Club
Trevor HardiganBowMessalonskee Rowing Club
B. Kupke25 32 
17:10.4512:21.2015.88 %3:49.7063:49.7065:25.6279:15.3334:52.14014:07.4733:02.97817:10.451
25Founders Of Wesleyan Crew Crew
Athlete's Club 
George BennumCoxswainFounders Of Wesleyan Crew
Nason HamlinStrokeFounders Of Wesleyan Crew
Sib Reppert7Founders Of Wesleyan Crew
Will Macoy6Founders Of Wesleyan Crew
Bob Svensk5Founders Of Wesleyan Crew
Wallace Murfit4Founders Of Wesleyan Crew
Bill Nicholson3Founders Of Wesleyan Crew
David Crockett2Founders Of Wesleyan Crew
Harrison KnightBowFounders Of Wesleyan Crew
N. Hamlin662:02.543 
18:47.8643:58.6126.83 %4:42.5684:42.5686:33.88011:16.4485:52.26617:08.7143:41.65020:50.364
26St. Joseph's University Crew
Athlete's Club 
Brian TimbyCoxswainSt. Joseph's University
Thomas MaddenStrokeSt. Joseph's University
Dan Kilpatrick7St. Joseph's University
Stephen Ramsey6St. Joseph's University
Dan Goettner5St. Joseph's University
Andrew Friedlander4St. Joseph's University
Alex DiBiasi3St. Joseph's University
Dan Ross2St. Joseph's University
Ray CawleyBowSt. Joseph's University
T. Madden310:00.533 
17:11.6852:22.4416.02 %3:54.3053:54.3055:22.2929:16.5974:47.88214:04.4793:07.70617:12.185
27Purple Reign Boat Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Margaret TennisCoxswainPurple Reign Boat Club
Peter Kelly-DetwilerStrokePurple Reign Boat Club
George Baumgarten7Purple Reign Boat Club
Cabel Tennis6Purple Reign Boat Club
John Pike5Purple Reign Boat Club
Sloane Graff4Purple Reign Boat Club
Thomas Knowlton3Purple Reign Boat Club
Scott Schweighauser2Purple Reign Boat Club
Thomas RizzoBowPurple Reign Boat Club
17:19.4862:30.2416.90 %4:09.1694:09.1695:42.7639:51.9325:04.61714:56.5493:14.93718:11.486
28Northeastern University Rowing Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
Rod DaltonCoxswainNortheastern University Rowing Alumni
John PetersonStrokeNortheastern University Rowing Alumni
Chris Silva7Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Grant Earl6Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
John Brokars5Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Ian Coveny4Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Joe Carroll3Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Allan Gehant2Northeastern University Rowing Alumni
Guy PronestiBowNortheastern University Rowing Alumni
2 - J. Peterson320:01.517 
16:06.4101:17.168.68 %3:36.6483:36.6485:03.7928:40.4404:35.91213:16.3522:51.55816:07.910
29University Of Wisconsin Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
Louis BienCoxswainUniversity Of Wisconsin Alumni
Peter HelferStrokeUniversity Of Wisconsin Alumni
Zachary Krupp7University Of Wisconsin Alumni
Roger Huffman6University Of Wisconsin Alumni
Edward Golding5University Of Wisconsin Alumni
Al Erickson4University Of Wisconsin Alumni
Darren Gary3University Of Wisconsin Alumni
James Sands2University Of Wisconsin Alumni
Roderick WagnerBowUniversity Of Wisconsin Alumni
P. Helfer27 18 
16:09.2211:19.978.99 %3:36.4303:36.4305:06.5798:43.0094:28.01813:11.0272:58.19416:09.221
30Emory Alumni Rowing Crew
Athlete's Club 
Becca ConleyCoxswainEmory Alumni Rowing
Benjamin CarrStrokeEmory Alumni Rowing
Cyrus Beasley7Emory Alumni Rowing
Matt Lenert6Emory Alumni Rowing
Jim Liepkalns5Emory Alumni Rowing
Eric Rusiecki4Emory Alumni Rowing
Alex Dermody-McKeen3Emory Alumni Rowing
Andrew Remissong2Emory Alumni Rowing
Joseph KrakowiakBowEmory Alumni Rowing
B. Carr23 26 
16:35.5171:46.2711.95 %3:37.6123:37.6125:15.6278:53.2394:44.42013:37.6592:57.85816:35.517
31Amherst College Alumni Rowing Association Crew
Athlete's Club 
Cindy LiCoxswainAmherst College Alumni Rowing Association
Milo DeeStrokeAmherst College Alumni Rowing Association
Will Shuck7Amherst College Alumni Rowing Association
Jonathan Hausmann6Amherst College Alumni Rowing Association
Will Leuchtenberger5Amherst College Alumni Rowing Association
Jordan Brower4Amherst College Alumni Rowing Association
David Lindquist3Amherst College Alumni Rowing Association
christopher mahan2Amherst College Alumni Rowing Association
Philip JohnsonBowAmherst College Alumni Rowing Association
M. Dee30 42 
18:20.4573:31.2123.75 %4:02.3214:02.3215:39.4149:41.7355:16.82914:58.5643:21.89318:20.457
32Drexel Rowing Alumni Group Crew
Athlete's Club 
Randall LeeCoxswainDrexel Rowing Alumni Group
Liam O'NeillStrokeDrexel Rowing Alumni Group
Gregg Francis7Drexel Rowing Alumni Group
Anthony Fittipaldi6Drexel Rowing Alumni Group
Alan Fody5Drexel Rowing Alumni Group
Peter Schmidt4Drexel Rowing Alumni Group
Jacob Sloan3Drexel Rowing Alumni Group
Doug Allcorn2Drexel Rowing Alumni Group
Michael NilesBowDrexel Rowing Alumni Group
L. O'neill24 29 
16:38.9561:49.7112.34 %3:41.6803:41.6805:15.7358:57.4154:28.23313:25.6483:13.30816:38.956
33Bucknell Crew Alumni Association Crew
Athlete's Club 
Nicky SirianniCoxswainBucknell Crew Alumni Association
Nick CindrichStrokeBucknell Crew Alumni Association
Charlie Burckmyer7Bucknell Crew Alumni Association
Tom Bernardi6Bucknell Crew Alumni Association
Veton Celaj5Bucknell Crew Alumni Association
John Kauffman4Bucknell Crew Alumni Association
Mike Sena3Bucknell Crew Alumni Association
Mike Katin2Bucknell Crew Alumni Association
Andy MclaughlinBowBucknell Crew Alumni Association
N. Cindrich26 25 
16:35.1041:45.8511.90 %3:42.4193:42.4195:08.9268:51.3454:39.49413:30.8393:04.26516:35.104
34Wesleyan Alumni Rowing Association Crew
Athlete's Club 
Rob MillerCoxswainWesleyan Alumni Rowing Association
Kevin FoleyStrokeWesleyan Alumni Rowing Association
Paul Slye7Wesleyan Alumni Rowing Association
John McIntyre6Wesleyan Alumni Rowing Association
Kelem Butts5Wesleyan Alumni Rowing Association
Alex Thomson4Wesleyan Alumni Rowing Association
Dave Nuelle3Wesleyan Alumni Rowing Association
Mike Greenstein2Wesleyan Alumni Rowing Association
David MyersBowWesleyan Alumni Rowing Association
K. Foley500:44.041 
18:13.6553:24.4122.99 %4:16.3334:16.3335:54.59610:10.9295:23.14015:34.0693:23.58618:57.655
35Butte Boat Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Angela ChangCoxswainButte Boat Club
Jared DourdevilleStrokeButte Boat Club
Andrew Trott7Butte Boat Club
Tom Nesel6Butte Boat Club
Sean Duncan5Butte Boat Club
Billy Hennrikus4Butte Boat Club
Ben Bayley3Butte Boat Club
Tim Jundanian2Butte Boat Club
Gary PelissierBowButte Boat Club
D. Jared23 24 
16:32.9511:43.7011.66 %3:37.5703:37.5705:15.7228:53.2924:39.50113:32.7933:00.15816:32.951
36Hobart College Crew Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
Reynaldo KellyCoxswainHobart College Crew Alumni
Andrew FosbrookStrokeHobart College Crew Alumni
John Heavey7Hobart College Crew Alumni
Ben Ramsey6Hobart College Crew Alumni
Alexander Caruthers5Hobart College Crew Alumni
Jack Trimble4Hobart College Crew Alumni
Richard Klein3Hobart College Crew Alumni
Paul Wasmund2Hobart College Crew Alumni
Nathan KressBowHobart College Crew Alumni
Fosbrook25 21 
16:18.9121:29.6610.08 %3:43.0013:43.0015:08.3118:51.3124:34.30013:25.6122:53.30016:18.912
37Friends Of Unh Rowing Crew
Athlete's Club 
Patrick ParisiCoxswainFriends Of Unh Rowing
Eric KuhnStrokeFriends Of Unh Rowing
Matthew Carlyon7Friends Of Unh Rowing
Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne6Friends Of Unh Rowing
Jeff Friedrichs5Friends Of Unh Rowing
Charles Carey4Friends Of Unh Rowing
Scott Murray3Friends Of Unh Rowing
Richard Read2Friends Of Unh Rowing
Geoffrey MeltonBowFriends Of Unh Rowing
E. Kuhn400:13.038 
17:38.0502:48.8018.98 %3:56.1843:56.1845:32.0169:28.2005:07.49414:35.6943:15.35617:51.050
38Vc Alumni Sexytime 2012 Crew
Athlete's Club 
Jessi PanicoCoxswainVc Alumni Sexytime 2012
Ryan MasonStrokeVc Alumni Sexytime 2012
Hunter Keil7Vc Alumni Sexytime 2012
Erik Snow6Vc Alumni Sexytime 2012
Pablo Arenas5Vc Alumni Sexytime 2012
Derek Lawes4Vc Alumni Sexytime 2012
Kyle Chea3Vc Alumni Sexytime 2012
Eric Hou2Vc Alumni Sexytime 2012
Gregg OrtonBowVc Alumni Sexytime 2012
R. Mason24 44 
18:49.6964:00.4527.04 %4:10.1194:10.1196:03.24910:13.3685:16.24515:29.6133:20.08318:49.696
39Lafayette College Alumni Rowing Crew
Athlete's Club 
William KarrCoxswainLafayette College Alumni Rowing
Jeff VatterStrokeLafayette College Alumni Rowing
Craig Atkins7Lafayette College Alumni Rowing
Vince Kuperavage6Lafayette College Alumni Rowing
James Whelen5Lafayette College Alumni Rowing
Nigel Martin4Lafayette College Alumni Rowing
Nathan Kenison3Lafayette College Alumni Rowing
Steve McClain2Lafayette College Alumni Rowing
Tim DaubertBowLafayette College Alumni Rowing
J. Vatter24 40 
18:03.7683:14.5221.87 %4:07.1494:07.1495:39.1339:46.2825:05.62814:51.9103:11.85818:03.768
40Uvm Crew Alumni Association Crew
Athlete's Club 
Katie LaneCoxswainUvm Crew Alumni Association
Andrew ChaseStrokeUvm Crew Alumni Association
Matthew Cody7Uvm Crew Alumni Association
Patrick Larcom6Uvm Crew Alumni Association
Gregary Stewart5Uvm Crew Alumni Association
Alex Kerr4Uvm Crew Alumni Association
Charlie Carpenter3Uvm Crew Alumni Association
Jason DePatie2Uvm Crew Alumni Association
Chris OffensendBowUvm Crew Alumni Association
A. Chase24 35 
17:15.1872:25.9416.41 %3:57.9723:57.9725:25.0439:23.0154:51.26314:14.2783:00.90917:15.187
41McGill University Rowing Club Crew
Athlete's Club 
Nicole BewskiCoxswainMcGill University Rowing Club
Brent HopkinsStrokeMcGill University Rowing Club
Renaud Garon-Gendron7McGill University Rowing Club
Philip Hedrei6McGill University Rowing Club
Ryan Demler5McGill University Rowing Club
Shane O'Brien4McGill University Rowing Club
James Reid3McGill University Rowing Club
Anthony Genna2McGill University Rowing Club
Michael RossBowMcGill University Rowing Club
B. Hopkins23 39 
18:03.5473:14.3021.85 %4:02.3544:02.3545:41.6829:44.0365:05.27314:49.3093:14.23818:03.547
42University Of Virginia Alumni Crew
Athlete's Club 
Theresa TratensekCoxswainUniversity Of Virginia Alumni
Robert SchwiederStrokeUniversity Of Virginia Alumni
Sean Fagan7University Of Virginia Alumni
Geoffrey Evans6University Of Virginia Alumni
William Oliver5University Of Virginia Alumni
John Higgins4University Of Virginia Alumni
Nicholas Jablonski3University Of Virginia Alumni
Lane Cobb2University Of Virginia Alumni
Mark BezoldBowUniversity Of Virginia Alumni
R. Schwieder27 11 
15:54.6471:05.407.35 %3:32.1423:32.1425:02.5168:34.6584:29.45613:04.1142:50.53315:54.647
43Harvard Alumni 2009 Crew
Athlete's Club 
Kelly EvansCoxswainHarvard Alumni 2009
Patrick LapageStrokeHarvard Alumni 2009
Simon Gawlik7Harvard Alumni 2009
Henrik Rummel6Harvard Alumni 2009
Teddy Schreck5Harvard Alumni 2009
William Rueter4Harvard Alumni 2009
Hugo Beekman3Harvard Alumni 2009
Matthew Webb2Harvard Alumni 2009
Samuel KenaryBowHarvard Alumni 2009
P. Lapage25 100:20
15:49.9151:00.676.82 %3:27.1993:27.1994:54.1108:21.3094:21.12312:42.4322:47.48315:29.915
44Purple Bull Roklub Crew
Athlete's Club 
Michelle McRaeCoxswainPurple Bull Roklub
Will ParkerStrokePurple Bull Roklub
Ben Byrne7Purple Bull Roklub
Westcott Gail6Purple Bull Roklub
Alex Treco5Purple Bull Roklub
Greg Ferris4Purple Bull Roklub
Will Eusden3Purple Bull Roklub
Ryan Dunfee2Purple Bull Roklub
Michael SacksBowPurple Bull Roklub
W. Parker24 28 
16:38.4011:49.1512.27 %3:39.4313:39.4315:15.1468:54.5774:44.79613:39.3732:59.02816:38.401

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