2014  Marlow Regatta
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Results A Brassard, LouisIM1.8+20006/21/20148:52 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Radley CollegeRadley College322Finished5:38.202
Results A Brassard, LouisIM1.8+20006/21/20142:35 PMOfficialFinalFINAL ARadley CollegeRadley College322Finished5:53.121
Results A Brassard, WilliamJ14.8x+20006/21/20149:04 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Radley CollegeRadley College91BowFinished6:47.093
Results A Brassard, WilliamJ14.8x+20006/21/20142:55 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BRadley CollegeRadley College21BowFinished7:04.391
Results Abberton, FinnSEN.8+20006/21/201412:15 PMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Kings Sch ChesterKings Sch Chester01BowFinished 
Results Abberton, FinnIM1.8+20006/21/20148:52 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Kings Sch ChesterKings Sch Chester111BowFinished5:45.301
Results Abberton, FinnIM1.8+20006/21/20142:30 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BKings Sch ChesterKings Sch Chester11BowFinished5:54.082
Results Abbott, AidanIM3.8+ School Crews20006/21/20147:05 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BLatymer Upper SchLatymer Upper Sch233Finished6:11.548
Results Abbott, AidanIM3.8+ School Crews20006/21/201412:25 PMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Latymer Upper SchLatymer Upper Sch1433Finished5:55.623
Results Abbott, JamieIM2.8+20006/21/201410:22 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Oxford Brookes UnivOxford Brookes Univ122Finished5:38.269
Results Abbott, JamieIM2.8+20006/21/20144:15 PMOfficialFinalFINAL AOxford Brookes UnivOxford Brookes Univ122Finished5:54.970
Results Abdalla, JoeIM1.8+20006/21/20142:35 PMOfficialFinalFINAL AMagdalen CollMagdalen Coll477Finished5:54.884
Results Abdalla, JoeIM1.8+20006/21/20148:52 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Magdalen CollMagdalen Coll677Finished5:42.477
Results Abdel-Halim, OmarJ18.4x-20006/21/20144:40 PMOfficialFinalFINAL DStainesStaines61BowFinished6:36.580
Results Abdel-Halim, OmarJ18.4x-20006/21/201410:42 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1StainesStaines261BowFinished6:24.651
Results Abdelkerim, OmarIM3.8+ University Crews20006/21/20145:30 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BManchester, The Univ BCManchester, The Univ BC366Finished6:25.987
Results Abdelkerim, OmarIM3.8+ University Crews20006/21/201411:50 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Manchester, The Univ BCManchester, The Univ BC1066Finished6:10.240
Results Abdelkerim, OmarIM2.4+20006/21/201410:07 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Manchester, The Univ BCManchester, The Univ BC022Finished 
Results Ablard, GlennIM1.4-20006/21/20146:15 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BRafRaf022DNS 
Results Ablard, GlennIM1.4-20006/21/201412:07 PMOfficialTime TrialTT 1RafRaf1022Finished6:37.603
Results Ablard, GlennSEN.4-20006/21/20148:40 AMOfficialTime TrialTT 1RafRaf1422Finished6:33.271
Results Ablard, GlennSEN.4-20006/21/20141:55 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BRafRaf022Finished 
Results Abraham, StephenIM3.8+ School Crews20006/21/20147:05 PMOfficialFinalFINAL BCheltenham CollCheltenham Coll58StrokeFinished6:13.857
Results Abraham, StephenIM3.8+ School Crews20006/21/201412:25 PMOfficialTime TrialTT 1Cheltenham CollCheltenham Coll128StrokeFinished5:55.420
Results Adams, FelixJ14.8x+20006/21/20143:00 PMOfficialFinalFINAL ARadley CollegeRadley College10CoxswainFinished6:29.074
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