49th Head of the Charles Regatta
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Results Louis A BrassardYouth Fours Men - High School480010/20/20139:26 AMOfficialFinalFinalRadley College Boat Club (GBR)Radley College Boat Club (GBR)3833Finished18:41.427
Results Chad AaronsonYouth Eights Men - High School480010/20/201310:24 AMOfficialFinalFinalAnn Arbor Huron High School (USA)Ann Arbor Huron High School (USA)261BowFinished16:26.080
Results Fredrik AasaarenLightweight Eights Men480010/20/20134:38 PMOfficialFinalFinalColumbia University (USA)Columbia University (USA)766Finished15:33.809
Results Andrea AbantoYouth Fours Women - High School480010/20/201312:25 PMOfficialFinalFinalArlington-Belmont Crew (USA)Arlington-Belmont Crew (USA)810CoxswainFinished24:22.029
Results Ali AbbasiClub Fours Men480010/19/20131:14 PMOfficialFinalFinalBlack Prince Boat Club (GBR)Black Prince Boat Club (GBR)2622Finished18:05.886
Results Finn AbbertonYouth Eights Men - High School480010/20/201310:24 AMOfficialFinalFinalKing's School Rowing Club (GBR)King's School Rowing Club (GBR)158StrokeFinished16:13.558
Results Amy AbbotSenior-Master Eights Women -Age Average 50+480010/19/201310:34 AMOfficialFinalFinalNarragansett Boat Club (USA)Narragansett Boat Club (USA)1822Finished18:45.868
Results Elizabeth AbbottYouth Eights Women - High School480010/20/20131:22 PMOfficialFinalFinalMountain Lakes Crew Club (USA)Mountain Lakes Crew Club (USA)5522Finished19:39.670
Results Samuel AbbottCollegiate Eights Men480010/20/20133:41 PMOfficialFinalFinalUniversity Of Vermont Crew (USA)University Of Vermont Crew (USA)2177Finished16:29.227
Results Louisa AbelYouth Eights Women - High School480010/20/20131:22 PMOfficialFinalFinalHoly Names Academy (USA)Holy Names Academy (USA)310CoxswainFinished19:03.346
Results Tim AbelCollegiate Eights Men480010/20/20133:41 PMOfficialFinalFinalUniversity of Delaware Men's Crew (USA)University of Delaware Men's Crew (USA)1144Finished16:02.040
Results AJ AbellChampionship Eights Men480010/20/20132:54 PMOfficialFinalFinalSyracuse University (USA)Syracuse University (USA)2433Finished15:45.098
Results Gretchen AbellMaster Eights Women -Age Average 40+480010/19/20133:22 PMOfficialFinalFinalCapital Rowing Club (USA)Capital Rowing Club (USA)30CoxswainFinished17:40.283
Results Matt AbemayorCollegiate Fours Men480010/19/20134:00 PMOfficialFinalFinalVanderbilt University Crew (USA)Vanderbilt University Crew (USA)341BowFinished18:53.780
Results Elias AbilheiraYouth Eights Men - High School480010/20/201310:24 AMOfficialFinalFinalPrinceton National Rowing Association/Mercer (USA)Princeton National Rowing Association/Mercer (USA)118StrokeFinished16:08.231
Results Kristine AboSenior-Master Fours Men -Age Average 50+480010/19/201310:49 AMOfficialFinalFinalEver Green Boat Club (USA)Ever Green Boat Club (USA)100CoxswainFinished18:22.617
Results Cailin AbouzeidYouth Eights Women - High School480010/20/20131:22 PMOfficialFinalFinalArlington-Belmont Crew (USA)Arlington-Belmont Crew (USA)631BowFinished20:06.367
Results Cyan AbronYouth Eights Women - High School480010/20/20131:22 PMOfficialFinalFinalCRI- Row Boston (USA)CRI- Row Boston (USA)851BowFinished22:59.370
Results Aaron AbruzzinoYouth Eights Men - High School480010/20/201310:24 AMOfficialFinalFinalSt. Josephs Collegiate Institute (USA)St. Josephs Collegiate Institute (USA)6655Finished17:34.106
Results Tala AbujbaraCollegiate Eights Women480010/20/20133:59 PMOfficialFinalFinalWilliams College Boat Club (USA)Williams College Boat Club (USA)118StrokeFinished19:03.802
Results Kathryn AcciariMaster Eights Women -Age Average 40+480010/19/20133:22 PMOfficialFinalFinalQuinsigamond Rowing Association (USA)Quinsigamond Rowing Association (USA)1633Finished20:00.359
Results Max AchsYouth Fours Men - High School480010/20/20139:26 AMOfficialFinalFinalThe Milwaukee Rowing Club (USA)The Milwaukee Rowing Club (USA)284StrokeFinished18:26.211
Results Kate AckermanMaster Eights Women -Age Average 40+480010/19/20133:22 PMOfficialFinalFinalBma Boat Club (USA)Bma Boat Club (USA)222Finished17:37.386
Results Robert AckermanSenior-Veteran I/II Singles Men (70+)480010/19/20138:00 AMOfficialFinalFinalCambridge Boat Club (USA)Cambridge Boat Club (USA)381ScullerFinished27:11.402
Results Sophie AckertYouth Fours Women - High School480010/20/201312:25 PMOfficialFinalFinalOttawa New Edinburgh Club (CAN)Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (CAN)6433Finished22:20.745
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