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2012  Melbourne Head
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Results 1Mens School Eight Open Div. 1Final111/17/201209:30:0011OfficialFinal Only
Results 2Mens School Eight Open Div. 2Final211/17/201209:32:0011OfficialFinal Only
Results 3Mens School Eight Open Div. 3Final311/17/201209:34:0019OfficialFinal Only
Results 5Mens Open Double ScullFinal411/17/201209:41:008OfficialFinal Only
Results 6Mens Open PairFinal511/17/201209:43:005OfficialFinal Only
Results 7Mens Masters EightFinal611/17/201209:46:0011OfficialFinal Only
Results 8Mens Masters Quad ScullFinal711/17/201209:48:004OfficialFinal Only
Results 9Womens Open Double ScullFinal811/17/201209:49:004OfficialFinal Only
Results 10Womens Open PairFinal911/17/201209:50:005OfficialFinal Only
Results 11Womens School Eight Open Div. 1Final1011/17/201209:53:009OfficialFinal Only
Results 12Womens School Eight Open Div. 2Final1111/17/201209:55:0010OfficialFinal Only
Results 13Mens Club EightFinal1211/17/201209:59:007OfficialFinal Only
Results 14Mixed EightFinal1311/17/201210:01:006OfficialFinal Only
Results 15Womens Club EightFinal1411/17/201210:02:007OfficialFinal Only
Results 16Womens School Coxed Quad ScullFinal1511/17/201210:04:0012OfficialFinal Only
Results 17Womens Masters Coxless Quad ScullFinal1611/17/201210:08:002OfficialFinal Only
Results 18Womens Masters Coxed Four & Womens Masters CoxlessFinal1711/17/201210:09:004OfficialFinal Only
Results 19Mens Open Single ScullFinal1811/17/201210:12:0022OfficialFinal Only
Results 20Womens Open Single ScullFinal1911/17/201210:16:0013OfficialFinal Only
Results 21Mens School Eight Y9Final2011/17/201210:53:003OfficialFinal Only
Results 22Mens School Eight Y8Final2111/17/201210:54:003OfficialFinal Only
Results 23Mens School Coxed Quad Yr. 9Final2211/17/201210:55:003OfficialFinal Only
Results 24Mens School Coxed Quad Yr 8Final2311/17/201210:56:006OfficialFinal Only
Results 25Mens School Coxed Quad Yr 8 Div 2Final2411/17/201210:57:005OfficialFinal Only
Results 26Womens School Coxed Quad Yr. 9Final2511/17/201210:58:007OfficialFinal Only
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